The Nazis in Antarctica

One of the most amazing mysteries of Antarctica, the hypothesis of the existence of a layer of ice under the German military base under the code name base-211.

Fuel to the fire adds that after the end of World War II, several submarines of Nazi Germany surrendered to the authorities in Argentina and Brazil. In the study of logbooks, has revealed the fact of who had at one time, a couple of campaigns, these submarines to the shores of Antarctica. The exact content of logbooks, strictly classified, but in spite of this, the fact that almost immediately the field end of World War II, to the shores of Antarctica went squadron of the U.S. Navy, speaks volumes.

Judge for yourself, to the shores of a deserted continent, where there had been no war, sent a squadron, which includes an aircraft carrier, 13 different types of ships, most of them soldiers, 25 aircraft and more than four thousand people. And this is in 1947, when only just beginning to be heard gunfire "Cold War."

Perhaps the Nazis obeyed time and energy they have created a secret base in Antarctica that would learn to use the energy weapon on time. Read more about the weapons you can read on the website

What happened then, classified more than logbooks. The expedition, code-named "High jump", designed more than half a year, quickly turned. After a while, interesting details have surfaced, mostly it was reported that during the expedition lasted just over a month, was lost at least one ship, four aircraft being lost entirely, nine came into complete disrepair.

On the pages of European magazines, reported that the expedition was attacked at the very coast of Antarctica. If we believe what was then the press, members of the crews of the ships, talked about the strange discs that jumped right out of the water and attacked the ships and planes. In this case, neither a strange device failed to bring down. Discs made maneuvers in the air that are not able to perform even the most advanced aircraft.

But who could inflict the most modern fleet of such damage? If this advanced technology secret Nazi Germany, the base 211 still exists.

And perhaps all of the evidence on UFOs, it is nothing like flying machines the Third Reich.
Remains a mystery.

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