The new draft resolution on Syria, Moscow does not support

Project Resolution concerning Syria, which was introduced by Morocco, ignoring Russian objections, and contains "a number of new parts that are unacceptable for the Russian Federation on a fundamentally judgments." In an interview with reporters, said Vitaly Churkin, Permanent Representative of Russian Federation to the United Nations after the Friday of the Franco-Moroccan project officially brought before the UN Security Council during its closed session.

According to Churkin, the adoption of the resolution would be a "wrong move for the UN Security Council, and the most disastrous for Syria." As the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation is a question of "Syria imposing certain results of political dialogue before the start of the dialogue." According to the views of the Russian Federation for the moment, "the most important is to encourage and support the observer mission of the Arab League in Syria and the concentration of efforts on the beginning of a political dialogue." "Arab League may have its judgment on account of what has to lead this dialogue, and League the right to express them freely, but the UN Security Council can not be used as a tool to impose specific solutions to countries, including Syria, "- said the diplomat.

According to Russia's permanent representative to the UN, during the discussion of the Franco-Moroccan project, he "gave clearly understand that the project Russian delegation is not considered as a basis for merit consent. "But that does not mean that Moscow" will not open a discussion with the project by its creators. "Churkin said that before the UN Security Council as before is project planted by Russia, which "might make a good base for the merits of consensus in the middle of the members of the Security Council." According to the diplomat, "Russian philosophy of the proposed project is based on the agreements reached in the statement Security Council UN Syria on August 3, 2011 This statement calls for an end to violence by all parties to the conflict and the beginning of an inclusive political process initiated by the Syrians. "With all of this in the case of the Franco-Moroccan project it is about the" Arab League imposed countries have not yet started up the political process. "

Vitaly Churkin also expressed disappointment that the following week on Tuesday, members of the Security Council will not be able to listen to the report of Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa, the Sudanese general heading the Arab League observers goal, ITAR-TASS reported. Instead of it, according to diplomats and the members of the Security Council UN perform Nabil al-Arabi, Secretary General of the Arab League and Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar, the head of the League for the ad hoc committee Syria.

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