The new navigation system was created for Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles — Rosoboronpostavka

The new navigation system is designed for Russian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles - RosoboronpostavkaRIA Announcements. New navigation complex GALS-D2M created for Russian infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), armored troops (BMD), and T-72 and T-90 in the Research and Production Association (NPO) "Progress" report in the Sun official web site of the Federal Agency for the supply of weapons, military and special equipment and material means (Rosoboronpostavka).

"NGOs" Progress "has developed a new navigational complex GALS-D2M for Russian BMP and BMD, as the main battle tanks T-72 and T-90. GALS-D2M significantly outperforms features both Russian and South American counterparts.

According to NGOs, disk imaging, "Progress" in the GALS-D2M, among other things, includes a central control unit and navigation, satellite, speed sensor, lightbar driver has a color touch screen commander of the crew, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that the navigation system can work in conjunction with the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, including the bypass unauthorized access, and a uniform system of tactical level (ESU TZ) "Constellation M2."

"On the device displays the information on the geographical location of the vehicle, the speed of movement and three-dimensional spatial position of the tank (or BMP). Besides, the computing system GALS-D2M crew provides complete information about the route, purpose, mission and Fri control points. Information the routes can be stored in the storage device of up to 5 years "- the report says.

Due to the complex sensors and cameras chauffeur curb GALS-D2M armored vehicles or tanks can simply navigate in space. On-board computer system provides information about the nearest obstacle, and in the mode of engagement can work "in a unified information space navigation system with weapons."

According to the report, GALS-D2M has a "competitive price", which allows you to "successfully to modernize an old armored and equipped with the latest technology."

At the current time, some modified T-90 is equipped navigation complexes TNA-4-3.

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