The new Russian partner of France (The American Spectator, USA)

We all wish to receive and tops and roots, but the French have eclipsed all others in this. And we are talking not only about the mistress on the side, and the food, foie gras with saving figures. We are talking about international politics. Surprisingly that friends and allies of France often give her a chance to act with impunity, as if this country — some frivolous girl, to which you can show leniency.

In 1940, the French surrendered, provoevav only 6 weeks, and when we four years later attacked the beaches of Normandy, they symbolically "liberated" Paris of the forces of the vile rabble Division of General Leclerc, while Eisenhower in handy for holding back their advance of our troops. When the war ended, they swept the faint-hearted years of collaboration with the Nazis under the rug, said of the victory over Germany, and dressed up in a suit majestic power, jewels themselves unchanging place in the UN Security Council.

Sensing the danger from the brutal Russian Union, the French in 1949, the Company entered into a contract of the North Atlantic and South American security umbrella used by investing at least in the common fund NATO military resources. When it suited them, they were evicted NATO headquarters from Paris in the middle of the 60s, closed the South American military bases in France and withdrew their troops from the joint military command — but retained his membership in the ranks of the alliance to take advantage of its protection.

Such antics of French cool times of war meet the requirements of a very influential at the time the French Communist Party, which is constantly gaining in elections and more than 20 percent of the vote, were also on hand Soviets. Then, as at present, one of Moscow's long-term goals was to split the Atlantic alliance and to weaken Western unity. Being a decent chess, Russian always strive to achieve a speed of at least 2-goals.

Specifically, this course was held last week's visit to Paris by Prime Minister Vladimir Fishing season in the framework of the Year of the Russian Federation in France. Wearing a badge on the lapel of a reddish Legion of Honor, which Jacques Chirac gave him a couple of years back, Putin opened a five-day Russian exhibition in Paris's prestigious Grand Palais, located near the Champs Elysées. This exhibition was a demonstration of Russian industrial and technological power, in what was not without tremendous 12-meter wooden dolls. It was dedicated in the main energy, space and aviation.

Lagging behind Germany as a trading partner of, France desperately tries to expand the scope of business cooperation. Prime Minister Francois Fillon has led the ranks of enthusiasts, uttering a pep talk at the opening of the exhibition, which he graduated from gromozvuchno: "Vive la Russie!" President Nicolas Sarkozy, going on this week in St. Petersburg, so to speak there on the fundamental economic forum, he added: "We want to erase the cool war. Our homeland is not an enemy but a partner." Putin said it was time to "deepen our cooperation," and urged French oil company Total to expand its activities in Russia. "Can you count on us" — the head of chirped. Sure. Thus, Putin is close to achieving the first goal of his own — to pick up on a sturdy hook France trade between East and West and the first to land it on the Russian oil and gas needle, which will be a massive leverage in times of international tension.

Putin also visited a French government building, which sell Russia. It is located in a specific proximity of the Eiffel tower, and in the words of Russian Prime Minister, there will be placed a "spiritual and cultural center." He denied media reports that this place can use the Russian special services, sarcastically saying that for such absurd speculation there is no reason. As a former senior KGB agent, he certainly knows what goes.

Human rights activists have expressed regret over the fact that Sarkozy and other French leaders did not ask him any questions about human rights violations in Chechnya, torture and killings of journalists and other critics of Russian authoritarian regime. When French TV reporter tentatively raised the issue of human rights, Putin gave him a confident and cheeky response: "As for the violations, they are everywhere. If we take, for example, the violation of human rights in the French penal system, in jail." It was the end of discussion.

Putin also headed for the second, more fundamental objectives: he put his hands on the French military equipment and technology, beginning this process with four warships class "Mistral". If the deal happens, it will be the first in 61 years of existence of the Atlantic alliance case in which his country is a member implements modern military equipment of — and a fundamental step to split the West.

This ship has a length of 200 meters, its displacement is 22,000 tons. He can flip and more than 500 soldiers of carrying 35 combat helicopters, battle tanks and a company of one hundred percent kitted field hospital. "Mistral" is a massive means of projecting military power, second only to aircraft carriers. Russian leaders have the opportunity to see what was on the ship In November last year, when France showed it on the St. Petersburg Pier, are already preparing to pass one such ship to any of the four Russian fleets (Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and the Pacific).

Purchase such a vessel will enhance the global prestige RF and its capacity for military intimidation. Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said last week that the "Mistral" will be used to patrol the waters near the Kuril Islands, which have long been the subject of a territorial dispute of the Russian Federation and the Land of the Rising Sun. (According to recent reports, Japan is still an ally of the United States.) The neighbors of, such as Georgia, also in the new NATO members Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and all have reason to be concerned. As stated by one Russian Admiral, almost smacking his lips in anticipation, "With such a ship as part of our Black Sea fleet, we could grab Georgia in 40 minutes instead of 26 hours."

For those who express such fear, in Fishing season procured another retort. "France has the helicopter in service? — He says — has. France is going to attack someone, why do you think that our homeland will certainly attack on anyone using these tools?" Well, of course, who in their right mind would express no confidence in Moscow? Especially when our country's own official NATO military doctrine calls his number one enemy.

Although Sarkozy desperately tries to arrange the deal in order to save the dying French shipyard, he seriously argues that the important thing here is not money, but a principled political signal which will allow to make Russia's interaction with the West. But it has not yet made. Bickering and bargaining began in February. France wants, that the two ships were built at its shipyards, and our wish to build a home of three of their own. Either way, this sale will result in the transfer of certain military technologies. Sarkozy says that the shipment will not include advanced navigation, radar and weapons systems, equipment and other confidential. But Putin quite openly and firmly states that what he achieves. "We already know how to build ships of this class, — he said — we need the technology, rather than an empty shell."

On the other hand, the reaction of the Allies on the likely deal that could make a precedent and open the way for new supplies from France, and perhaps from other states block — submarines, amphibious tanks and fighter — not a blatant and brutal. The representat
ive of South American Embassy in Paris, I carefully laid out the U.S. position: "Decisions on such supplies the case of sovereign countries, which must comply with the rules of international law and the interests of regional stability." NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, just as valiantly buries his head deep in the sand, "NATO as an organization has no relation to this transaction. I take for granted the fact that the delivery will be carried out in full accordance with all international rules and standards, and that our homeland will not use such military equipment against their neighbors. "

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