The new Su-35s starts municipal joint tests

May 28 head machine new function of the Su-35s, which is built on aviation production of "dry" in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, under contract with the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, arrived in Axhtubinsk to the site of the Municipal Flight Test Center Ministry of Defense. Flight to Ahtubinsk from Komsomolsk-on-Amur completed test pilot Municipal Flight Test Center, Colonel A.Pestrikov. In Akhtubinsk 1st standard Su-35s will soon begin flights specified applets GSI.

Recall that in August 2009 at the MAKS-2009 an agreement was signed between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the company "Sukhoi" for the development and delivery of up to 2015 the Air Force of the Russian Federation 48 aircraft Sou-35C. Assembling the lead car of the series ended at the POA in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the spring. May 3 Sergei Bogdan, the test pilot "Sukhoi", performed the first flight on this machine with commercial airfield. Specifically S.Bogdan 19.02.2008 raised to the sky, the 1st flight model of the Su-35 and 10.02.2008 of the year — and the 2nd layout of the aircraft, the Su-35-2 (№ 902).

According disk imaging press service of "dry" after the first flight of Su-35S-1, by this time had successfully completed the preliminary tests Sou-35. During the tests, the evidence was obtained with the technical specification features agility and endurance characteristics of the power plant and the main features of the complex avionics. These tests were run on 2 layouts export version of the aircraft. At the moment, they were joined by the first plane for the Russian Air Force.

Acceptance tests of Su-35S-1 on the factory airfield in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which included 7 flights, which were completed by mid-May of this year. Whereupon plane prepared for delivery to the Russian defense department for a role in municipal joint trials. With all this fighter was painted blue-gray camouflage, was affixed to the "Russian Air Force" and the board number 01. From Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Ahtubinsk Colonel Pestrikov flew on May 27. For rest and refueling was carried crotch landing in Chelyabinsk. May 28 plane arrived at the airfield Municipal Flight Test Center.

Then the machine will be submitted to the CIO. Based on the results of the first step, the ICG will be given preparatory conclusion on the harmonization of aircraft main requirements of Defense and the ability to mass production of fighter aircraft for delivery to the Russian Air Force drill units. There is information that the municipal joint trials perceive the role of several fighters Sou-35s that are going on at the moment KnAAPO.

According to official data of "dry", the main features of the Su-35, which is excellent apart from other aircraft Su-27 is the new aircraft systems and equipment. Thus, Sou-35 is equipped with a fundamentally new set of avionics, which based on digital information management system. In addition, the machine is armed with a new radar station "Irbis" phased array developed by NIIP them. VV Tikhomirov. This station has a unique range of detection of air targets and overestimated the number of goals that once accompanied and fired (air targets: the attack of eight and 30 support, ground targets: attack 2-and maintenance 4). The fighter used a new, more powerful engines such as "117S" with thrust vector control, which are designed NPO "Saturn". The Su-35 is also equipped with a wide nomenclature of the present and a promising tool of all classes.

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