The Odessa coast fish is getting smaller. Video


8.09.11.V Black Sea remained a matter of fish. This was discussed at the International Conference, which takes place at the University of the Mechnikov. Pundits gathered to explore problems Black Sea coast and some fresh-water sources in the area.

Gennady Zaitsev, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: Conference — this consultation. And the council is going to, when the patient needs it. When you need to hear different opinions, get weightedennuyu assessment of his condition. A patient in our case, we close — Bernoe sea, so that the benefits will necessarily.

During the conference, scientists have noted that due to the deterioration of the ecological system of the Black Sea significantly reduced population of valuable varieties of fish.

Vladimir Ivanjica, Vice President for Research and centers them. II Mechnikov: reduced biodiversity, pollution rastethat is why the quality of the fish and sardines deteriorating. Ms see what fish aboutdesskom coast is to Unfortunately, less. One problem — human influence. And these problems will necessarily rise at the conference.

The results of their research and fishery biologists will share with those in power.

Author: Elena Krylatova

Source: Broadcaster "ATV — Odessa"

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