The old man from scratch grown new teeth




Popular manufacturers of toothpaste, brushes, various kinds of bleaching powder and other tools to create a Hollywood smile got an excellent anti-advertising. 128-year-old survivor of Iran, had never brush your teeth, not only boasts excellent health, but also three new teeth, grown in return dropped from old age.

Unusual from the point of view of physiology phenomenon occurred in the village Sharanglu, located in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan. Bahram Ismaili elder, who, despite his more than respectable age, do not consider themselves old, was surprised to find that instead of the three end-grown new teeth, even better than the old.

According to Bahram, he never drank, did not smoke, did not use drugs, never spoke to the doctors, did not drink any medication. Throughout his life he was engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Obviously, this combination has helped him live comfortably on earth 128 years. Longevity diet is very specific: he never tried vegetable oil, meat and rice, but actively lean on butter.

The very wonderful grandfather believes that helps him in everything Allah. Fifty years ago, he made a pilgrimage to the tombs of the Imams in Karbala, Najaf and Baghdad, and has since been regularly prays.

At tall Ismail four children — one son and three daughters, 47 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. According to witnesses, his first son looks much older than his father.

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