The pilots saw the face of God?

This case was registered pilots Sts Chkalov flight school in the summer of 1978.

At a military airfield in the early morning began flying change. Gathered instructor pilot and 3rd year students of flight school. After this preconditioning, insruktoru and cadets went to the car is ready for flight. 5 aircraft has soared when given permission to take off lieutenant Fedorchenko AN and cadet Ivanistovu DD Pilot-instructor reported after takeoff, the flight is successful, the cadet performs learning tasks and everything is in order.

12 minutes after take-off Fedorchenko AN asked the attendant emergency landing clearance. This permission was given. The plane landed safely, however, neither the instructor nor the student did not get out of the car. And the answer to the question of where to look for work in St. Petersburg you can find on the site

When the equipment ran up to them and opened light aircraft, both sitting in chairs with a look of complete horror on their faces and just bellowed something unintelligible and showed a side of a small cloud in the clear sky that hung over the airfield. State and behavior they were so strange that the regimental commander gave the order to take off the squadron and find out the reason.

After exactly 10 minutes in the sky rocketed three MiG-21.Opytnye pilots sent a car to the side of a small cloud, hovering just above the airfield. Before it reached the clouds 3 miles away, one of the planes went down sharply, while the other two have soared almost vertically.

The regimental commander personally gave the order to land the aircraft.

After landing, the three pilot officer said that during the approach to this strange, unique in that day a cloud in the sky, right in front of a huge white cabs appeared translucent face of the person. Once the person is overcast — in airplanes were all off-scale devices, the pilots were not able to determine its location, and the only long-term training has given them the opportunity to put their aircraft.

Climb into the sky again pilots flatly refused. After exactly 40 minutes the cloud over the airfield has disappeared.

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