The road is paved with dead bees


16.05.12. — The neighbor called: "Did you see what the bees?" I go out, and they're cool like they eased dichlorvos — says 54-year-old beekeeper Yuri Volkov from the district center Akimovka Zaporozhye region.

At the May holidays had killed 40 bee colonies. Insects are affected in three districts of the region — Melitopol, Akimov and Berdyansk.

— Only in our village did not become 1,700 families — continues. — I went to the field for the rape Akimovka. Look, no bees there. Arrived and took nectar poisoned and fell. The road was covered with a Akimovka dead bees.

Beekeepers have written statements to the police and prosecutor's office.

— 29 people signed up. I keep bees since 1976, and this has never happened — said Yuri. — Worked as a teacher in high school, get a 2000. Monthly pay kommuslug 1200-1300 hryvnia. It remains only for bread and for travel. Family fed by bees. I have two children and a granddaughter.

— He came to the apiary, and there quietly, no one. I thought, but I have bee left. I went to the beekeepers in Akimovka, there is the same — adds 34-year-old Roman Raduchich from the city of Berdyansk. He did not become 50 bee colonies. — Some say that it is the farmers ease off the field, others — because of mobile communication.

— It is precisely because of herbicides — convinced Ivan Dashkevich, 56 years old, Voznesenka of Melitopol district.

The year before, he also killed all the bees. Since then began to negotiate with the village chairman and local farmers, what drugs to handle land.

— Now feel free to farmers, they are gentlemen. Say: "Who can prove that it is in our fields poisoned bees" — notes Dashkevich.

Every day he talks to the beekeeper from nearby villages.

— There are all the hives without bees. So massively never was. Statement to the police — all empty. Because all the poisoning occurred during the May holidays. Send bees for research to find out what drugs they were poisoned, it is necessary within 48 hours. And no veterinarians, laboratories do not work. Now all beekeepers lost their annual income. If the situation continues with the bees begin to deal with the fields of the farmers. This is very dangerous.

— From April 29 to May 7, in Akimov police department received 68 claims about the death of 808 beehives — says Catherine Slyadneva of Berdyansk environmental prosecutors.

Preliminary version: agrochemical treatment plants.

— Farmers always tolerant to beekeepers, because we need them, — says 60-year-old Anatoly Dougan, Chairman of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Zaporozhye region. — More bees — the best crop. This year the beekeepers themselves have worked with some preparations against mite that is put on the bees. Now look extreme. It is very doubtful that the farmers did. Any farming unprofitable their poison.

— In the Zaporozhye region was a mass poisoning of the bees. We know from reliable sources. Previously, this was not in Ukraine — Informal talks bee diseases, Laboratory of the National Research Center of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine. — We also call from the Poltava region, Kremenchug and sat beside her, also complained about the death of bees.
Bogdan Evseeva
4.05.12.Poltysyachi bee colonies died in Kiev. Video

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