The Russian ship is a 4-hour readiness FOR SYRIA outlet to the

The Russian ship is a 4-hour readiness FOR SYRIA outlet to the
Huge assault ships (BDK) Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation «Nicholas Fil’chenkov» and «Caesar Kunikov» activities to fulfill predpohodovye to the Mediterranean Sea to perform specific tasks in the Syrian port of Tartus, said «Interfax» Tuesday informed source in Moscow.
«In a four-hour readiness remains and crew rescue tug SB-15, which is to ensure that activities in the field of combat ships,» — said the agency interlocutor.
According to him, ready for loading on all three ships are Marines from the brigade «dark berets», commanded by Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Vladimir Bielawski. «To perform the tasks of combat duty Marines prepared from the most» cool » units — separate air assault battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Latinin «- allocated to the agency.
«Until the afternoon the team reaching the sea have not yet received, as there was no change previously set goals. Because crews as before are ready to go to sea, «- said the source.
He also noted that «the task to prepare ships for tasks to protect municipal interests off the coast of Syria’s military has been put the Mariners in a moment.»

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