The Russians do not want to communicate with the Martians




MOSCOW, April 5. Per share of INFON April 1 did not respond no Russian, despite the fact that the service was free. Recall that the company has offered to mobile users to take part in the "Is there life on Mars? Ask yourself ". To communicate with Mars mind previously proposed to send sms to the service number of the company. Apparently, the contest was for a rally, as they say, and left messages on the Forum.

As psychologists have commented, the rejection of the possibility of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations demonstrates the growing factor of stability in the Russian society. A search for something paranormal (UFO or Sasquatch), people tend to a period of social revolution.

However, for reasons of clarity INFON plans to repeat the action in the near future. Most likely, it will happen on April 12 Day of Cosmonautics.


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