The significance of the return of the Russian peoples Own — russkost

Indeed, the firm support and firmness of the ground for the state of consciousness
and self-knowledge has always served as a state history.

The main weakness of modern Russian people is a significant loss of memory, effectively blurring the Russian culture, the transformation of it into Russian culture. Loss of property. Thus, the inhabitants of the Indian, Chinese, Japanese civilizations carefully retain their — their prazdnichkom, national clothes, martial arts, beliefs Protz, their names, carefully preserve the memory of its own history, elevating her hula. Preserve the continuity of generations, bring up kids across national films, and music. Take the same China — their films Shaolin students overcome all opponents. In fact, China was a bit more than once northern invaders, the British, the Japanese, most of the battles of China — it's infighting. China's external enemies almost always lost. But the important thing is that kids are brought up on the principles of the favorites, but not forever whining defeatists.

Why in Russia just as carefully kept not, do not restore the legacy of pagan Russia? Why, for example, Day Perun not celebrate at the national level? We are no longer a Christian country and not an atheist, Russian Federation — a secular government, and the pagan past is also our heritage. Pre-Christian Russia — it's just "Atlantis" of our history, which is a great ability for the revival of the Russian culture and the Russian spirit. For example — environmental education, Russian Martial Arts (utter no, I know!). Need to return to Russian children, and of adults Russian Gods, our spirits — and that their brains are crammed with all sorts of other people's garbage like Hercules, Tarzan Terminator, Aphrodite, goblins, elves. This is a real war in the realm of consciousness: who "loads the program" in the brains of people, he is the owner. If the Russian man in the head not its own, as it can stand up to someone else and have to overcome? Why Russian fashion designers do not, or rather did not return Russian style in clothes? That was fine, comfortable and their own — Russia!

Once a year, with a mass of events mark "the beginning of Slavonic Literature Day", which is "wild" Slavs gave Christian educators Cyril and Methodius. But the same Cyril mentions that beheld two books written by "russkimi letter"! There are already plenty of evidence that in pre-Christian Russia was not even one, but a number of kinds of writing.

Building the Russian Navy associated with Peter the Great. But why are forgotten trips by sea Russian princes — Askold and Dir, Oleg, Igor? Why forgotten rook Novgorod, opening pomors Svalbard flotilla ushkuynikov, the Cossacks? Russian fleet at least 12 centuries!

February 23 noted defender of the Fatherland day, and when it was called the Russian Army of days — everything was right and true. But now this day became a defender of the Fatherland Day, it appears that the warriors of the Russian Imperial Army, Russian royal armies, Russian princely armies to do with it? They matter to February 23 have no time for logic pereimenovyvateley then created army, which later was involved in a fratricidal war civilian clothes? More accurate to preserve memorable day Russian Army, and the Protector of the Motherland day to find one of the memorable days associated with symbolic victories of Russian soldiers. For example, July 3 (taking Svyatoslav Itil, the capital of the Khazar Khanate), April 5 (Battle on the Ice, the victory over the Crusaders, Russia over the West) or May 2 (fall of Berlin, surrender his garrison).

It's time for Russian remember who we are, what Russia — this is Russia, not Holland. It's time to learn to respect his past, his roots, and means and of itself.

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