The spacecraft returns to Earth with gold and diamonds




"After more than two years of collecting solar wind ions, we are pleased to announce that the Genesis spacecraft closes its trap and flies back home," — declared Donald Sweetnam (Donald Sweetnam), manager of the project.

Now the ship set up his equipment in the configuration required for entry into the Earth's atmosphere, which will occur Sept. 8, 2004.

The spacecraft was hanging in the Lagrangian point between the Earth and the Sun, November 30, 2001, when he first opened his collectors solar wind.

Now, Genesis will return a small number of samples that will help replenish our knowledge of the Sun and the formation of the solar system.

Traps solar wind made of diamond, gold, silicon and sapphire. When sending the samples to the Earth to be protected from any influence.

The capsule will log into the Earth's atmosphere and will open the parachute. Specially trained helicopter pilots with the original equipment capsule caught in mid-air to thin plates traps are not damaged when landing a blow.

The samples were sent to a lab Johnson Space Center in Houston.


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