The strongest tornado in the U.S.




24.05.11.Za day death toll after a tornado in Missouri has nearly doubled — there were already killed 116 people. In the town of Joplin tornado devastated the band of approximately one kilometer wide and six miles long. 400 people received injuries of varying severity.
Destroyed thousands of homes and municipal buildings. Much of the city remains without electricity. After the invasion of the elements sought medical treatment over a thousand people. Under the rubble of collapsed buildings are people. Seven people have been pulled out. Meteorologists warn that in the next few days are possible new attacks element.


23.05.11.Tornado, has caused enormous damage to several areas of the Midwest in the United States, killed at least 30 people in Joslin (Missouri) and one in Minneapolis (MN), reports Reuters.

"Currently, the death toll reached 30," — said an investigator from the Newton County (Missouri), Mark Bridges. "We have heard of more than a hundred dead, but I do not think anyone is to perform precise calculations," — he said.

Earlier Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced that the death toll is unknown. "We have no exact numbers, but we have confirmation of the dead," — he stressed.

Tornadoes that occurred on Sunday in Minneapolis, normally 22,000 homes and offices in the city. Currently, electricity is again let down the homes of several thousand customers Xcel Energy Inc, stressed spokeswoman Mary Sendok.

On the eve of the hurricane passed and the north-east of Kansas, killing one person and destroying 200 houses. In the 16 counties declared a state of emergency.

In the past month due to tornadoes in seven U.S. states, killing 330 people, including 238 residents of Alabama. Here April 27 deadly tornado hit the Tuscaloosa and other cities. According to White House spokesman Sean Donovan, Alabama, will be assisted in the amount of 26 million dollars.

According to the company AIR Worldwide, storms and tornadoes that hit the United States, destroyed the insured property for $ 3.5 billion. U.S. President Barack Obama promised that the affected areas will receive assistance from the federal government.

According to experts, tornadoes, torrential rain, heavy snow, terrible floods and severe droughts — new signs of extreme weather in the U.S., which was constantly observed climate changes.

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