The subconscious mind has sounded the alarm




State of unconscious feelings of anxiety is known to many. But do not panic, or the Forest, to try to suppress a state of alcohol. Most likely, the reason your troubles lie beyond the scope of official medicine. But before "Publishing doi Victor Schwartz and K" has to check how serious your problem. Please answer "yes" or "no" to the questions proposed to you.

1. I can work for a long time without getting tired.
2. I always keep my promises, ignoring the fact, it is convenient to me or not.
3. Usually hands and my feet are warm.
4. I rarely have a headache.
5. I am confident in their abilities.
6. Waiting for me nervous.
7. Sometimes I feel like I'm not good for nothing.
8. Usually I feel quite happy.
9. I can not concentrate on anything one.
10. As a child, I always immediately and meekly complied with all that I have committed.
11. Once a month or more I had some stomach upset.
12. I often find myself on the fact that I have something disturbing.
13. I think that I am no more nervous than most other people.
14. I'm not too shy.
15. Life for me is almost always associated with a higher voltage.
16. Sometimes it happens that I'm talking about things that do not know about.
17. I blush no more frequently than others.
18. I often get upset over nothing.
19. I rarely noticed in his heartbeat, or shortness of breath.
20. Not all people that I know I like.
21. I can not sleep if something disturbs me.
22. Usually I am calm and not easily upset me.
23. I often have nightmares.
24. I tend to take everything too seriously.
25. When I get nervous, I have increased sweating.
26. I'm restless and fitful sleep.
27. In the games I prefer to win rather than lose.
28. I am more sensitive than most other people.
29. It happens that the immodest and visual jokes make me laugh.
30. I would be just as happy with life as probably quite different.
31. My stomach is bothering me.
32. I was constantly concerned about their material and official business.
33. I'm wary to some people, even though I know they can not hurt me.
34. I sometimes think that piled up in front of me such difficulties, which I can not overcome.
35. I can easily come to the confusion.
36. Sometimes I get so excited that it keeps me awake.
37. I prefer to shy away from conflict and difficult situations.
38. I have attacks of nausea and vomiting.
39. I have never been late on a date or a job.
40. Sometimes I definitely feel useless.
41. Sometimes I want to curse.
42. I almost always feel dismay at something or someone.
43. I am concerned about the possible failure.
44. I often fear that is about to blush.
45. I often covers despair.
46. — Human nervous and excitable.
47. I often notice that my hands shake when I'm trying to do something.
48. I almost always feel a sense of hunger.
49. I lack self-confidence.
50. I sweat even on cool days.
51. I often dream about things about which it is better not to tell anyone.
52. I very rarely have a stomach ache.
53. I find it difficult to concentrate on a task or job.
54. I have periods of such intense anxiety that I can not sit long in one place.
55. I always answer e-mails immediately after reading.
56. I get upset easily.
57. I almost never blush.
58. I have a lot less different concerns and fears, than my friends and acquaintances.
59. It happens that I put off until tomorrow what should be done today.
60. Usually I work with a lot of stress.

At one point assessed:

answers "yes" to the words 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 53, 54, 56, 60

and "no" answers to the words 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 14, 17, 19, 22, 39, 43, 52, 57, 58.

40 — 50 points — very high level of anxiety.

25 — 40 points — a high level of anxiety.

15 — 25 points — average (with a tendency to high) level.

5 — 15 points — the average (with a tendency to low) levels.

0 — 5 points — a low level of anxiety.

Along the way, note that the answers "yes" to questions — 2, 10, 55, and "no" — to questions 16, 20, 27, 29, 41, 51, 59 — are considered insincere. This is a bad sign, saying that, although subconsciously you feel that your life is a serious problem of the spiritual realm, the mind does not accept this wish.

Why are we told that the reason of your troubles lie outside the competence of the official medicine? Because your anxiety — a signal of the subconscious, talking about the special nature of the problem. Of course, each of us can be very specific problems that are able to understand the priests, hypnotist, experts in the karmic issues, past life therapy, upscale diviners. But for the majority of alarm that constantly delivers the subconscious means that, most likely, it is necessary to solve one of the standard tasks.

1. Embrace the faith — Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism. It is recommended not to start with some new-fangled sects and religions with which your ancestors practiced for centuries. Often, this one is enough to find inner harmony.

2. Seriously think about how much you are satisfied with your profession or your marriage. According to the doctrine of karma, a person always has a few main goals in this life. Often referred to as karmic debts. The first duty: to marry a woman (man) that would help you (and your own) spiritual development, and education of the same "advanced" children. The second duty: career choices, which will be to your liking, and thus help to get up a notch in your spiritual development and to contribute to (or at least a grain) to the improvement of human life.

3. Today, it is a lot written about the fact that we are moving into a phase superman, that is, the mass appearance of people with supernatural powers. If you choose to have an ordinary profession, do not particularly believe in extrasensory, astrology, magic, etc. Perhaps the alarm — an attempt to give you the subconscious, it's time to find his second "I" and how to do it.

4. Finally, the standard option for those who are passionate about the esoteric practices and magic (especially) the black. As long as you just "shake", but then could be much worse, and not someone against whom you have planned something, and you yourself. A different situation: a) dead relatives did not have time to execute something important and assign this mission to you, and b) you jinxed, spoiled, cursed, etc. In the latter two cases, you yourself will understand hardly need to consult specialists.

Vlad Ilyin


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