The Sumerians — who came from heaven

For decades, scientists worried about the problem of origin of the mysterious, highly developed nation: the Sumerians, and their appearance in southern Mesopotamia. And until now, the mystery is not close to being resolved, and in view of the new research has become even more confusing.

Nearly all of the scientists involved in this topic, agree that the Sumerians — the people came. The Sumerian texts indicate that the ancestors of these people have gone between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers with a high mountain (or mountains), but arrived at the new home on the water. This oddity can not yet allow scientists. One of the most ancient Sumerian legend tells of the creation of the first man out of clay on the advice of the wise god Enki. So the gods created being who had to work for them. At first it was a very primitive creature. Only after the intervention of the new gods were revealed to him the gifts of culture, first of all — the art of writing. We learn from the legend that the eyes of these men were turned to the east, where there was a "sacred mountain of the gods." Maybe so hidden vague memories of ancestral homeland of the Sumerians.

These people appeared in Mesopotamia in about four and a half thousand years before Christ. It was already a highly developed civilization whose achievements are inexplicable and astonishing. The Sumerians conquered the local population, but do not cast it out. Scientists admit it is not easy to determine when the Sumerians were in southern Mesopotamia.

Archaeological finds suggest a sharp cultural shock that took place here in the second half of the IV millennium. It explain the arrival of a new, energetic and had a high level of development of the population. The first signs of their presence were found when examining the most southern part of Mesopotamia, the city of Eridu. Hence, the Sumerian culture spread in the opposite direction Euphrates and the Tigris, and has left its mark on the vast area between the two rivers nearly three thousand years. The path leads from the Sumerian culture of Eridu to Uruk, Ur, Lagash, Shuruppak, Adab, Nippur, Kishu, and its influence can be seen further to the north, Marie, and even in Ashur.

The Sumerian language also puts the researchers in a deadlock. None of the ancients, nor among the now living languages and could not find one that would at least distantly related to the Sumerian. Many linguists refer to the language invented for him the "Caspian language family."

Some researchers artificially bring together the Basque language of the Sumerians, the Abkhaz, Tatar and Russian languages. It is clear that such "findings" have little to do with science.

The Sumerians did write on clay tablets, and illustrations — on cylinder seals. Over the last half century on the site of the Sumerian cities, archaeologists have found thousands of texts and illustrations in astronomy and mathematics. Among them — the works on the basic mathematics, calculating areas of complex shapes, extracting roots, solving equations in two and three unknowns, the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers. The Sumerians used a complex system of calculation. Systems of this kind are used only with the advent of computer technology. In the political system this nation had all the attributes of a modern developed nation: a jury trial, an analogue of Parliament, consisting of elected MPs, civil councils (similar committees of government). Their culture is characterized amazing musical achievements. In medicine, the Sumerians used a herbal medicine, well-known anatomy, pharmacy and chemistry. It has been well-developed weaving, efficient agriculture.

Omniscient astronomers of antiquity

In the Sumerian texts contain information about the origin of the universe, the origin, evolution and structure of the solar system, including a list and characteristics of the planets. One of the illustrations depicting the solar system in the past, is in the eastern department of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

It depicts the sun in the center, surrounded by twelve — that is, all known to modern science — the planets.

However, the figure has its differences from the modern understanding of the structure of Solar system. Two of them are the most important. First, Pluto Sumerians were placed next to the Saturn and was described as a satellite of this large planet, which gained independence. Pluto has an elongated orbit with a high inclination to the ecliptic plane, and in the course of the traffic is in a period is closer to the Sun than Neptune, which was noted by the Sumerians.

The second difference — this room is a large unknown planet between Mars and Jupiter. This mysterious planet the Sumerians called Nibiru, which means in translation "crossing the planet." Nibiru has a very elongated and inclined elliptical orbit and turns between Mars and Jupiter every 3600 years.

Fifty, descended from the heavens

It is from this planet, according to legend, came to Earth mysterious creatures who created humans in the modern sense of the word, and gave them the basics of the greatest knowledge. The Sumerian word "en-nun-na-ki" means "those fifty, which came down from heaven to earth."

The Sumerians claim that all knowledge has been handed over to them the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki came to Earth about 445,000 years ago. They are chosen by the Gulf Coast in the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and landed there. Then the Anunnaki regularly landed on Earth every 3,600 years. The progenitors of the Anunnaki on Nibiru were the AN (or Anu), the Lord of Heaven, and his wife, Antu, Lady of Heaven. By order of the ANU group of 50 Anunnaki led by his eldest son, Ea (Enki) — Sumerian god of water — on an expedition through the solar system.

As follows from the Sumerian texts, Nibiru collided with an environmental issue. To protect the increasingly thin atmosphere of the planet Anunnaki created a kind of shield of gold particles.

By the way, the same principle is used in modern spacecraft and space suits to protect astronauts from radiation.

Anunnaki had to be gold. They found him on the seventh planet for the calculation of the Sumerians — that is on the earth, and sent the first expedition. The aliens took over the development of gold mining method in South-East Africa. Around 300,000 years ago, the Anunnaki, who worked on gold mining, mutinied, and then the alien scientists used genetic engineering and cloning created workers — the people, our species, homo sapiens (in Sumerian — "Adam"). In Genesis, Adam initially identified as a being, not as a proper name. And "Adam" is translated as "land", "ladies" — "blood." These were the ancestors of the Sumerians and all people. The entire process of creating a modern people narrated in detail, including a description of the genetic operations, surprising even modern experts on genetic engineering.

Opening geneticist Wesley Brown "about the same for all the people of Earth mitochondrial Eve", that is that all people are descended from a common ancestor, one mother, indirectly confirmed this legend. When people are not replacing one or two generations, "were beautiful", the Anunnaki were to marry women of the earth from which they were born even a viable, healthy offspring. In the Old Testament, the texts of which are based on older sources, mainly in the Sumerian texts, speaks directly to the events of ancient times. "When men began to multiply on the earth and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God, daughters of men taking wives of all which they chose. At the time there were giants on the earth, and especially from the time that the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they give birth to them. " These "giants", referred to in the Book of Genesis Anakim or Nephilim, are the very heavens guests Earth.

Archaeological studies show that in South Africa in the ancient mining operations were conducted. Back in 1970 in Swaziland, archeologists discovered extensive gold mines to a depth of 20 meters.

An international team of physicists in 1988 identified the age of the mines — from 80 to 100 thousand years. Legends of the Zulu tribe say: these slaves to work the mines of flesh and blood, artificially created "first people". The existence of Nibiru died recently confirmed the discovery of American astronomers fragments of this planet, once in 3600 years, approaching the Earth.

Wisdom Enki

Enki was the first ruler of the Earth, then the rule was his brother Enlil.

Later, the brothers drew lots. Enki went to the southern hemisphere, and Enlil — North. In the Greek pantheon Enki interpreted as Poseidon, god of the sea, and Enlil — his brother, the god Zeus. Enki was engaged by the ordering of life on Earth, Enlil is always gave only general guidance.

So, wisdom and knowledge were given to people (initially — the Sumerians) Anunnaki. For the transfer and dissemination of these data were selected and specially prepared priests. Priests called "clean" or "anointed." Hence — the anointed of God. Sacerdotal dignity handed down, and the priests could communicate with the gods. Enki gave knowledge about the calendar, mathematics, and writing to his youngest son Ningishzide, which the Egyptians called Thoth. Elder — Marduk (an Indian Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan Yucatan) Enki gave knowledge of medicine and the mystery of reviving the dead. Marduk Egyptians knew as Ra.
Knowledge passed Earthlings Enki, suggest the possibility of salvation, the possibility of confrontation catastrophes that will bring the arrival of the solar system planet Nibiru.

The next coming of Nibiru should be expected in the years 2013-2158.

The Mayan calendar points to 21 December 2012, and modern scholars call the years 2060-2158.

Will the next coming of Nibiru disaster or humans will be saved? This question is not answered.

However, the knowledge passed Earthlings Enki imply the possibility of a conversation with the gods on equal terms.



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