The temperature in China has fallen below the 30-year low

January 7, 2013. Temperature China fell to its lowest level in nearly three decades. It was cold enough to freeze the coastal waters and trap the thousands of vessels in ice, according to official media. From the end of November, the country has become cold by an average of 3.8 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit). This is 1.3 degrees colder than the previous average, and temperature was the lowest in 28 years, according to state news agency Xinhua, citing to the China Meteorological Administration.

According to the China Daily, even the sea froze Laizhou Bay in Shandong province in the east, paralyzing the movement of about 1,000 vessels. Zheng Dong, chief meteorologist at the center to monitor the marine environment, said that the area, which covered the ice, is this week was 291 km.

Also disrupted traffic. In the central province of Hunan was moved more than 140 flights, while due to heavy snow have closed the direction of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau. In the north-east temperature dropped even lower, reaching a 43-year low of minus its 15.3 degrees Celsius, 3.7 degrees below the last recorded a minimum.

One of the truck drivers, caught a 5-kilometer traffic jam caused by the snowfall, said the snow caught him off guard. He had not expected such a turn of events, because it did not take you no warm clothes, no food. All he can do is wait.

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China has surpassed the record winter temperatures

January 7, 2013. Snow and freezing rain plagued several Chinese provinces. Among them, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Zhetszyan autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang. Established in the country is so low temperature, that almost the entire line of the Gulf Coast Layzhou was a frozen and stuck in the open sea a thousand ships. The area covered by ice, was 291 km ².

In addition, the total temperature was beaten minimum over the past 28 years. Given the temperature of the end of November 2012, amounted to -3,8 ° C, the average of the south fell to 1,3 ° C. This is a very negative impact on the transport system of the provinces. In the central Hunan airports canceled more than 140 flights. Closed several sections of railway express route Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau.

Northeast China is also experiencing unusual cold current calendar month. Over the last 43 years, there has never been cooler -15,3 ° C. This is 3.7 degrees below the previous record. Cold and snow forced the 146 residents of the autonomous region of Guangxi Zhuang leave their homes, about 5,000 have difficulty with access to drinking water. The iced Fujan stripped wires into electricity holders of more than 10 million homes.


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