The tragedy of Ashgabat claimed 1382 lives. Video


14.07.11.V by bomb blasts on July 7 at military depots in Abadan, Turkmenistan — Ashgabat suburb, killing 1,382 people, more than a third of them — the children, the human rights organization said website "Chronicles of Turkmenistan".

Thus, data on the number of victims of the explosion, the judicial authorities of the country and human rights activists, differ by more than 90 times — according to official reports, 15 people were killed: two soldiers and 13 civilians.

The explosions occurred due to negligence and non-trivial safety in handling of ammunition, wrote "Chronicle", citing a source in the Ministry of Defence. "Scapegoat" the government has appointed a deputy defense Merdan Agaev. He fired and arrested. When it officially of any military depots of the question. Turkmen authorities claim that the heat detonated usual pyrotechnics.

Among the dead children have babies — two missiles hit the Maternity Hospital, emphasized the "Chronicle." Another bomb has caused the death of more than thirty pupils on their way to classes on computer literacy Bezmein TPP. It is noted that the wounded hundreds died after having been taken to the medical institution.

According to human rights activists, including many victims of military officers and conscripts. They died after the accident, trying to defuse unexploded ordnance. On 10 July, two officers and three soldiers would load ammunition on the truck, but the projectile detonated, killing the men. According to witnesses, the blast was so strong that the car turned into a heap of twisted metal.

Explosions rocked the stock at about 16:00 on Thursday, after which it was switched off electricity, water and gas supply. The roads leading to Abadan, according to witnesses, were littered with debris, the air was the smell of burning, and the city in panic. Turkmen authorities have tried to give the incident for the bombings in stock firecrackers and fireworks in China. On Sunday, there was a video on the Internet explosion, where are the swirling black smoke and the glow from the fire, powerful slams, and a pillar of flame and flying sparks.

Data were obtained through leaks — editor of "Chronicles"

"The horrific details of the victims were taken two days ago as a result of leakage," — said in an interview, "Rain," editor of "Chronicles of Turkmenistan" Farid Tukhbatullin. "There was a state commission, which collects the data and allow the leakage somewhere and we manage to get such figures. The first opinion was that the number of injuries and deaths, but in any case, now it says that the number of victims. 1382 man "- he said.

However, the Uzbek opposition publication Harakat expressed doubt about some "Chronicle" of information. "It's hard to believe this Turkmen human rights activists, who argue that as a result of emergency in Abadan killed 1382 people. Under the regime of Turkmenistan, where the government does not want to disclose the exact data on the number of victims, set them with such precision is not possible "- believe in Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, on the site of the second day running emergency squad Russian rescuers. Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov's visit was the Emergency Ministry staff, but eventually had to accept because of the lack of in-house expertise.

Deputy Minister of Defence of Turkmenistan orphan Agayev fired and made a "scapegoat"

According to the "Chronicle," Deputy Defense Minister Merdan Agaev, shot the president from office on July 10, "the deprivation of military, government awards, material and other benefits," is now in pre-trial detention and against the criminal case.

According to those who knew Agaev people, it made a "scapegoat," but not because he was guilty of the tragedy. He simply grew up an orphan in the Marais, that is, he has no relatives or other ties to the current president's team, so important in the east.


Explosion at Abadan (Turkmenistan)


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One of the first explosion in the town of Abadan, about 20 kilometers from Ashgabat

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