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RII "Razor"

With a total lack of confidence in astrology nothing is more frustrating as a missing deaf ears horoscope. Business or personal, children or political — is forecast for every taste. Have you ever asked the question of who, how and on what basis is the predictive text. Scientists have long accumulated a lot of questions to astrologers. Let's try a few of them to sound.

Short-term forecasts of any thinking person will sooner or later cause a fair question: if all 12 signs of the zodiac, then prediction will be valid for 1/12 of the world's population, ie 500 million in the same time will be the same event ? True position is justified by the wording nebula, sounding something like "or not, or yes, or maybe."

It's funny that, to determine the nature and destiny of every self-respecting astrologer will insist on the exact birth date, up to hours and minutes. Scientists around the world are wondering why astrologers do not ask the date of conception of personality completely ignoring the fact official science has long proven that many personality traits are laid long before the birth.

Another consideration — You know exactly under what sign of the zodiac were born? And for some reason, a person familiar born, for example, 11 July will be cancer? After some thought, comes to mind is the idea that in some mysterious way it is associated with the constellation of Cancer. Those who have read the professional literature will specify that the sign depends on the constellation in which the sun is located at the time of birth. And they will be right … in theory.

In 1991, an amateur astronomer from Los Angeles Ben Meyer promised prize of 10,000 dollars to anyone who sends a picture of the sun in the constellation of Cancer, it is made on July 11. The problem is that for all but the astrologers, July 11 the Sun is in the constellation Gemini.

You ask, what is it? Elementary, really shone in the middle of July passed the constellation of Cancer … something about two thousand years ago, at a time when the tables were drawn up positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets, which are still used by modern astrologers.

Among the scientists who are trying to understand with certainty astrological predictions, There is another consideration. It's no secret that the different schools of astrology, despite the differences in the details, follow a common postulate — the planets and other celestial bodies affect people gravity, tidal forces and magnetism. Any first-year student natural sciences will be able to calculate the magnitude of these forces.

And these calculations, of course. They show that the obstetrician, receiving the Child has a gravitational effect on him six times as large, and the tidal action of two trillion times stronger than Mars. Weight physician considerably fewer than the planet, but it is much closer to the child. But the midwife in the astrological prediction no one takes into account, in spite of the numbers.

Indifference to the figures is typical for members of this teaching. For example, all known long-range forces diminish with distance. However, Mars influences the horoscope in the same manner and at the time when he was on the same side of the Sun as the Earth, and at a time when it is seven times farther away from us, that is, on the other side of the Sun. And if astrologers have been able to detect the effect, the effect of which is independent of the distance
— It shook the foundations of physics
And, for example, the distance does not depend on the force with which impact occurs. Then why forecasters are limited to the solar system?
Perhaps it is not all the questions that disturb the minds of men of science. But for the thinking person above reasons are enough to humorously refers to the gloomy predictions in complex situations and seek to reason, not to charlatans.


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