The two reservoirs Kama, a fish kill



19.09.11.V early September inspectors ecology environmental prosecutor's office said in the Perm region that in the rivers of South and Kitenka that are in the Perm region, massively lost fish.

Was investigated and it was found that the water high in phosphates and nitrogen compounds. Dumping of toxic substances into the river could produce a nearby "Yugovsky combine dairy products."

— September 16 was a criminal case on "mismanagement of hazardous substances, which caused environmental pollution", — the Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor Vitaly Dymolazov Perm region. — The article provides for imprisonment up to 5 years.

Now prosecutors have to figure out how the hazardous substances were in the water, resulting in a massive fish kill.

We tried to call the leaders of the company, but the general manager at the plant early in the morning did not appear, and his deputy is on leave.


Source: KP.RU — Perm

Thoughts in hearing from Me:

The question arises, what we drink for milk, waste from the production of which the grass and fish in the basin and not much is not enough in the two rivers. ??
In general, then it would be better upstream was some sort of chemical works, at least it would be more convincing, but as you can see, once hung on the dairy plant is more arrows move no one, come and go so why strain still People shavaet.

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