The U.S. Army will receive «Iron Man Suit»

The U.S. Army will receive
Special Operations Command (SOCOM) of the U.S. Army began collecting information on the potential creation of wearable armor for soldiers, which almost everyone would be like Man of Steel suit developed character comics Marvel Comics Anthony Stark. writes citing the newspaper The Los Angeles Times, to create a working model of modern armor planned had spent less than 12 months.
It is clear that the intention of his own to create a suit for SOCOM said American company Revision Military, founded by former captain Brian Dowling riot policemen and, Raytheon and British BAE Systems. Brand new armor for the military, received the title of TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, light tactical assault suit operator) will possess many features fabrications layout, except the ability to fly.
It is expected that the database will TALOS exoskeleton, allowing the soldier to run and even jump over rough terrain, carrying with all this equipment weighing more than 45 kg. The exoskeleton is covered on the outside with strong plates that protect the fighter from bullets and shrapnel. In the suit will be integrated climate control system, cooling the body in hot climates or The heating it cool.
Suit also receive inflatable cuff, which, having a signal from special sensors will swell, stopping bleeding in case of injury. In TALOS will be integrated and special sensors that send information about the health of a soldier in the command center. Broneshlem a suit will develop a system of data collection and information processing, with data output to the protective glass.
Data on the protective glass helmet will Withdraw collimator system with a focus on infinity, so that information remains readable wherever looked operator. In the information issue, namely, to include streams of intelligence with unmanned aerial vehicles.
Clear armor promising properties have not been determined. Engineering and technical command of the U.S. Army has released a video in which presented its vision of a promising armor TALOS. In this video soldier in a protective suit moves on black hamlet, and then breaks into one of the houses in which they sat down terrorists. Do fighter in the hands of no guns. Breaking into the house, he is under fire, but the bullets bounce off the armor. Video ends inscription «To be continued.»

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