The unique vitality russophobia

Officially russophobia considered a personal case of xenophobia. But I would describe it as a unique case. Scientists to this day can not come together in the worldview of the origins and causes of the Russo-phobia. Some believe that it was made clear in the XVI century, when our country was among the "opened" by Western Europeans countries. The notes of foreigners in those years often slipped a negative attitude to the Russian Federation and Russian. But it is worth to see that right up to the second half of the XVIII century, this phenomenon is not of a systemic nature. Maybe that contributed to the common struggle of the European states in over XVI — XVII centuries the Turkish penetration into Central Europe. Our homeland was seen as a possible ally. When the Ottoman danger was over, and the Russian Empire plucked up enough strength for their expansion (remember joining the Baltic states, Poland's partitions), all attention turned to her.

First signs of systemic russophobia appeared in Great Britain in 1788. At the session of Parliament, Prime Minister of Britain, Sir William Pitt — Jr. said the subsequent: "The arrogance of the Russian cabinet becomes intolerable to Europeans. The fall Ochakova visible targets of Russian policy on the Bosphorus, the Russian will soon be released to the Nile to take Egypt. Let us keep in mind: the gate to India they are already open. " The imminent development of its russophobia received in Napoleonic France and in the 1820s firmly established in the British media. One of its main conductors made here by Robert Wilson which, as an observer at the rate of the Russian command during the war with Napoleon, distinguished himself in several battles, for which he received a Russian title. It is, but it did not prevent him returning to the UK to raise anti-Russian hysteria "Our homeland used for their own purposes actions from which Macha Europe, taking in hand the scepter of global domination. Britain is designed all its resources to remove the danger of a single dominant powers — France, but our homeland, used the occasion, was on top of the highest per se, of which the French could only dream of. " Own climax European russophobia have gained during the Hungarian Revolution, when Russian troops under the command of Paskevich at the request of the ruler of Austrian Franz — Josef put down the rebellion of the Hungarians, so extending the life of the Habsburg monarchy. Has strengthened the anti-Russian rhetoric Crimean war. The known Russophobes bygone era should also include the basic communist ideologues — Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx. Last blazed a special "love" to Russia. To give just one of his quotes: "Muscovy was nourished and grew up in a bloody and vile slavery Tatar school … Eventually Peter Lofty has made the system of universal anger. He joined the agility of the Tatar slave with the claims of the Tatar rulers who Genghis Khan gave an inheritance under the will of the conquest of the whole earth. " And what on earth is so annoy him our homeland? Is there really a fault of in the fact that on its territory in the course of history is always someone invaded? Is it lays the blame for our forefathers, because they faithfully fought against foreign invaders, and because so much blood was spilled on our soil? But the prospect of Karl Marx is in virtually every town of our vast country.

Do not be superfluous to recall that the very first Russian Alliance was built as Russophobian government. Hence the division of the country and the fool on national-territorial basis, which to date is the bomb of slow action. The Russian people, by the plans of the architects of the Union, was to become the fuel for kindling the fire of the world revolutionary. And only with a victory over the Trotskyists Stalinist bloc, the Soviet Union began to get the features of continuity Russian Empire. Eminent cool war, which is believed to have been first ideological struggle, in fact there is not nothing but a continuation of the policy of the West Russophobian. To see this, it is quite familiar with "the plan Dulles" on the destruction and degradation of the Russian Union of Russian civilization.

Naturally, Russophobia is not something out of the ordinary. For example, in Europe there is a persistent mutual hostility between the French and the British, French and Germans, Germans and Italians … All of this is true. But nowhere are these incidents are not systemic in nature, are not used in politics, do not spend too much time in the media. The cause of survivability russophobia can only explain what has been in for more than two hundred and fifty years Our homeland is the main geopolitical rival of the West. Russophobia artificially supported by the Western media. Our opponents, it is very profitable, helping to solve the fundamental issues of domestic and foreign policy (from infighting to the promotion of NATO to the East). And if this theory is correct at least one half, the funds allocated for the creation of a positive kind of the Russian Federation abroad, go nowhere. It's like pouring water into a sieve. The best self-promoter is confident behavior in the international arena, the resolution of internal problems, the increase in the standard of living of its citizens … ie benign contents instead of the brightest, but the empty wrappers. It is unrealistic to change the outlook of people in the countryside, where the vast information influence opponent.

In the puzzles russophobia system comes as objective confirmation, including the peoples of the Russian Federation that their government does not meet the norms and standards of "civilized society", by whom, of course, refers to the West. We drive a thought about the historical inferiority Russian statehood. The goal — to put Russia in a losing position in the information-psychological warfare, pitting her own people.

From politics russophobia can not escape, as they say, in war all means bad. But worried by the fact that the Russian people is inherent not only faith in the feature, and self-flagellation, the belief in the dark legend. For example, implanted the myth that Russian syzveka drink more than anyone else, and now we do believe in it, arguing that their own helplessness. Meanwhile, the historical statistics says about working. Even more frustrating that many professional volunteer citizens to become agents of their own russophobia same homeland. Of Count Vorontsov, known for his statements regarding the royal policy in the Caucasus, to the current "fighters for democracy and human rights", in fact, fighting, for some reason, with the Russian statehood.

Here's a she, this unique vitality russophobia.

PS: The cartoon shows:
1. Our homeland in the shape of a bear eats Georgia.
2. French engraving middle of the XIX century, depicting the capture of Russian Europe.
3. Caricature of the Russian-Japanese war.
4. Modern caricature. Putin, in the form of an octopus with its tentacles suffocating adjoining country.

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