The use of free software for the development of medical information systems

  • SAMSON - is freedom
  • SAMSON — is freedom

Process automation and management of patient care health facilities are the main objectives of the use of Information Technology in Health Care. Integrated solutions for these objectives, Medical Information Systems (MIS).

Software package (CPS) "Samson" is a typical medical information system that allows to solve the problem and significantly reduce the labor costs associated with the implementation of health care processes in hospitals. 

CPS "SAMSON" provides input, storage, processing of information (statistical, analytical, financial) of patient care in health facilities, and its rapid transfer to the adjacent information systems.

The project is the use of SAMSON Free Software (OSS, free software): as a development tool used Qt library and language Python; as DBMS MySQL — all this makes the product cross-platform. In the standard configuration, the server side software system is operated under the control of OC Linux, and the client part — running Linux or Windows.

The undeniable advantage of a free license is that the possibility of implementation, maintenance, and further development of the software and it is directly related to the CPS "SAMSON" — does not depend on the support of the developer. After all, the openness and accessibility of the code does not limit the rate of change of the functional program.

CPS "Samson" is distributed under a free license agreement, that is, users are free to run, copy, modify open source code. Thus, the user can savings on license fees for the use of software tools to invest in the completion of the program or adapt according to the specifics of their work. And it plays a positive role in the growth of the number of users KPS "Samson" because the minimum initial implementation costs are generally equal to zero. Cost savings for the health care facilities and in fact is quite significant.

Consider the example of a 38-patient hospitals Central District of St. Petersburg, which is deployed in approximately 40-50 jobs:

1.Ekonomiya licenses for Windows is about 120 thousand rubles.

2.Ekonomiya on the Server OS and licenses for client — about 200 thousand rubles.

3.Ekonomiya to use OpenOffice — about 120 thousand rubles.

Thus, it is easy to calculate that the total savings of the order of 400 — 450 thousand rubles at 40 workplaces. It is important to note a linear relationship (proportionality) savings on the number of jobs.

The use of open source software as a development tool allows you to quickly understand the systemic problems at the source code level, which certainly has a positive impact on the quality (reliability) of the developed product. Authors always promptly respond to the problems identified. Our team believes in the development and support tools, and never for a moment doubted the correctness of the choice in favor of open source software.

Free license (open source project) allows you to connect to third-party project developers, which saves our resources on test-ing and regional adaptation. We find new partners and their involvement only improves the quality of our product. Our long experience has shown that the use of open source software is a very effective way of doing business.

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