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Schoolboy Stas Litvinov, who became the victim of a terrible plane crash, is to his family and warns of the dangers of

Family portrait with Stas Litvinov. Maxim (he is in the hands of the father) was born after the death of his older brother.

Ten-Stas Litvinov was on board the ill-fated Tu-154, which is 2 July 2002 collided in the skies over Germany with a cargo "Boeing". Putting the boy in the street, the parents gave him with an icon and a ribbon with a prayer "Journey to help," and even put a candle in the temple. As it turned out, the icon is not saved the boy's …

On that terrible night Stas first dreamed his distant cousin — chetyrehyurodnoy 12-year-old sister, Christine, with whom he was very friendly.

— The girl saw Stas took the tram and said goodbye to her. Christina repeated again: "Goodbye?" And he said: "No. Good-bye, "- says the boy's mother Marianne Litvinov. — After this tram … flew away. Anything like this before with Christina was not. She even woke up to ward off bad dream. A day mom told her that there was a terrible crash. Day the girl was crying, and then Stas came to her again and said, "Do not worry. All of us children — in paradise. It is very good. All have — swings and roundabouts … But I really miss you. " "And could it be otherwise?" — I asked Christine. "No, — she said. — It had to happen … "

First, for the family, these stories were small consolation. But Stas again and again in my dreams would come to my sister and talk to her.

— I am by profession — a psychologist. Christina's eyes watched and saw that the girl does not compose. At first thought it was — the psyche. And then saw that girl comes up and says, as if he was seeing everything in reality — says Marianne.

Immediately after the disaster Stas asked Christina, "Go to my mother, tell me to get my things no one gave. The parents of a boy. Let them him a lot about me, do not tell, and will be called Maxim. Even though he is my thing. "

— Stas in the room is still hanging calendar on which he swept his own hand the birthdays of their friends and family — continues the story of my mother. — We could not understand why he said on Oct. 22, whose birthday it was …

Became clear when a year and almost three months after the crash over Lake Constance Marianne was taken to the hospital. October 21, 2003 was born a charming kid. Actually Maxim waited a day later. But the doctors did their job. As Litvinov surprised when they learned that on October 22 — the day of St. Maximus …

— At first I thought it was an accident that does not happen, though, as all parents who have had similar grief, she believed that my child — in heaven — said Marianne. — But there was some incredible coincidence.

When Litvinov was nine months pregnant, Stas warned of impending trouble.

— He was in a dream, as usual, came to his sister, and just did shouted, "Take care of the baby! Tell Masha (Stas Masha called me) that the baby in danger, "- says Marianne. — Mom Chrystyna would not let us. People mountain, says it without you hard, and you're still going to upset them. But she insisted. I asked Christine what should happen. She did not really say. Only added: "Watch your step, and do not drive a car." With that said, I fear hit. Just in case I was sitting at home. But at the end of the week, my husband and my parents went to the cemetery to Stas. And on the way back, had an accident. Two cars "got used" us from two sides: front and back have been boiled. Grandpa saved the habit of holding the handle above the window. And I, remembering the warning his son, just in case moved from the front seat to the back. Is sure: if I was sitting in front of habit, it would be terrible.

On the anniversary of the crash Stas said his grandfather very sick. And soon, the doctors confirmed it.

— Changed after all this is your attitude to the faith? — Interested parents Stas Litvinov.

— I do not know. After all, we went to church before the trip, and his son died … — Try to understand their own feelings Marianne.

— I stopped after the accident at all to go to church, — says Sergey husband. — Although previously believed in God. But my child … It's in my soul …

But he thinks the godfather Stas Eugene:

— We do not know everything. And as we go to church? How to pray? We all — in fact, of little faith. Sometimes God takes us to protect them from suffering in this life. In any case, I know and believe that the soul of Stas in heaven.

Christina said Litvinov, that their son was a guardian angel. And he has a kid, followed by Stas looks after.

— Yours? Maxim?

— No, not ours. Stas said he dropped the kid once, when he was distracted. A Maxim never fell …

According to the priest

Father Vsevolod Chaplin, Department vneshnetserkovnyh Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate:

— Such cases do happen. They should be treated sobriety and calm. Do not fall into fear. In general, only on the basis of dreams can not find out what happened after the death of the boy. Native Stas Litvinov I wish one thing more than pray for the dead, and serve in the church memorial note.

According to psychiatrists

Mikhail Vinogradov, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences:

— We know very little about what happens to a person after death. Professor Nazhip VALITOV of Bashkiria backed up by scientific evidence thesis of the presence of the soul. He found that the soul is materialized in complex electromagnetic vibrations that exceed the speed of light. In addition, the researchers weighed the human body before and after death, and came to the conclusion that the soul has weight. The story that you told in Ufa — is not the only kind. Such phenomena have been observed in England, the USA, the Scandinavian countries. They do not go beyond the bounds of mental health and are not signs of mental deviations from the norm. The fact that describe the relatives of the victims, I think, is not the nature of coincidences, and, perhaps, a different reality, which we still know very little.

COMMENT Skeptics

Victor vortex, a physicist:

— I do not believe it. There are things that can be explained scientifically, but there are unexplained, they occur at the subconscious level. There is a sensitive and emotional people, and there is such a mentality, which does not proshibesh and do not be surprised. Color Dreams, too, not all dream of. Relatives and friends thought a lot about Stas, they survived. Cases like the one described by you, very much. But all of them, it seems to me far-fetched: a man somewhere something exaggerated, and the "predictions" that did not come true, just do not pay attention … That's all — just coincidences, backed up by impressionable.


Roman Popov

Photos Eugene Weidner. ("CP" — Ufa ").

April 15, 2004

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