The War in Libya in the eyes of a witness

October 6, 2011 Syrian television showed a special program with the French journalist Thierry Mejsane, president of the Political Science Center Réseau Voltaire. Meyssan told about his experience working in Libya, where he arrived as a journalist, to try to recreate the picture proiskhodyaschego impartial. Here's what he told.

I saw that the events about which everyone has it in fact was not. There was a revolution against Gaddafi, came another […].

The decision on the war against Libya was adopted 10 years ago, and it has nothing to do with nedavneshnimi events of the "Arab Spring." Immediately after the events of September 11, almost a 4 day at the meeting at Camp David, the Bush administration has decided to subject the attacks one after the other seven countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the end — Iran. These details were once made public, William Clark, the former NATO commander, opposed the plan.

During all these years, the Libyans tried to negotiate, to reach an agreement with Washington, thinking to avoid war. But from them it was a mistake, because the main thing that seemed good to the U.S. — to establish itself in Libya, then make a military base, and then to turn around in all of Africa. All efforts Gaddafi failed. Remember, in 2003 immediately after the fall of Baghdad, the pressure on Libya was very strong. Then Gaddafi's going to make the country more open, entered into negotiations with Washington, accepted their economic conditions, defuse tension in the relationship. But the U.S. has continued to prepare themselves to storm once both countries — Libya and Syria. However, Syria's position was different, it was international agreement that allowed seriytsam defend themselves. What did happen?

Washington appealed to France and England, on condition that these countries were on the first plan for military action against Libya, as to justify the latest war in the eyes of the American public Obama could not […]

In Libya itself Gaddafi advantage of significant popular support. I have met many people who were generally in opposition to Qaddafi, but the judgments of patriotism joined Gaddafi in his fight against NATO aggression. July 1 in Tripoli accomplished an excellent demonstration. While in the town home to 1.5 million people, the demonstration attracted 1.7 million people, in other words, people came from far and wide to show their support for the government in the fight against NATO.

Next, I beheld the atrocities committed by those who are called "rebels." In reality, it was not the rebels, they were in the main foreign fighters. Libyans armed against Gaddafi, were very numerous. The bulk of the soldiers were mercenaries, armed with South American and Israeli tool. In addition, significant was the presence of Al-Qaeda. In Libya, before there was an influential group of Al-Qaeda, which supplied the soldiers in Iraq. This is the last supporters of violence. When they stormed the villages (or rather, stormed the NATO members, and only then were the fighters of Al-Qaeda), they were under the influence of drugs and commit horrible crimes. They cut off the head of the peasants, chest ladies, all of it — in public, so collect as many eyewitnesses to instill terror. They forced people to flee, extending the power of the committee formed in Benghazi all on. Libya — a country with a small population of less than 6 million people, and of their 2 million people have fled, leaving their homes.

The work of foreign journalists in Libya, I can only say that all together they lied. It was the biggest journalists channels — BBC, CNN, France-24, France-TV (Al-Jazeera was not there, she was not allowed). Usually when the TV group is accredited, it is always a two — journalist and the operator, and came here for three, four, sometimes up to 7 people, and it was evident that this is not the journalists, there were people with bulging muscles, by which the mind could grasp it well-trained military, even though they had certificate press … I beheld how they fabricated heresy. The government of Libya were heated discussions about what to do with these people. Some, for example Yu.Shakir, a prominent Libyan journalist, were that they should be deported. But Saif al-Islam Gaddafi believed that if all those types expose the door, about what is happening in Libya generally read and finish with such a silence will kill all …

I believe that this was a grave mistake. When we were discussing who is real and who is a fake journalist, and I began to find on the web, who is who, it turned out that the real journalists were only performed before the cameras, others were military. Then the Libyan hidden service decided to intercept the electrical almost all journalists working in the main press center, they found an unimaginable thing: even real journalists talked to MI6, the French secret services, Mossad, in other words, they were all agents. Hidden Service Libya intercepted a cool paper — something like a small textbook, published by private military company Aegis (the British equivalent of the U.S. company Blackwater). It became clear that all of these "journalists" were the one group and work together. In the manual, that is, it was stated that when the Americans begin to storm to damage Tripoli, then three hours earlier will need all the journalists of the Libyan capital to delete, on the other Gaddafi can take them hostage. There was an evacuation plan in accordance with which Aegis had a secret base in Tripoli and used the help of the Turkish hidden services. All journalists were ordered to move rapidly to the port, and from there to deliver to NATO ships — and do it in exactly three hours before coming to the general Tripoli …

France-24, the official channel of French government signed a contract with the committee to Benghazi to provide assistance with mass communications and international relations provide the rebels. In other words, the French journalists claimed that give unbiased information, and in fact supported the rebellion. France-24 journalists were allowed to appear everywhere they went by car to the place of the bombing, visited different parts of Tripoli, and eventually established that when a group of journalists appear in any part of the town to look around, say, one or another government building — 15 minutes after they left the building were bombed. In other words, these "journalists" served as gunner.

There was absolutely horrible incident. Everyone knows that NATO is using the same techniques that Israel — the killing of individual managers and their families. If they can not destroy the control, they are intimidated by killing women, children. At the 1st of senior Libyan military was prazdnichek home, where several journalists were invited. It is not clear who exactly, but some of them planted the suitcase-GPS in the nursery. When the NIGHT MODE aviation NATO bombed the house, the bombs were right in the children's rooms. All the kids were killed.

In one of the villages came malehankih Libyan general murder. It was located on the hill, and the NATO people had to be removed, this village to provide free passage for the "insurgents." Ultimately hill bombed and killed the village. Libyan authorities said that a military sin. NATO officials have said — no, they, say, clear information that there were hidden by the military. Libyans have called on all journalists from the press center with a request to arrive at the scene to establish the truth. When they arrived, we saw that it was a terrible carnage everywhere torn body. Then, these journalists are equipped with satellite phones, contacted with the NATO Headquarters in Brussels to get out annotations. And NATO officers to dict
ate text of articles, indicating that we should write, saying that the object was in the military, but there happens to be a few civilian persons, of which no one knew, etc. That there is it was now producing heresy.

… Al-Jazeera TV station erected in Qatar, which was created in imitation of the Green Square and Bab al-Aziza in Tripoli. NATO officials then began to bombard the city. It was a continuous stream of fire, bombarded all over the 2-day ground could not stop shivering, and Al-Jazeera twisted at this time of the drawings from the studio, where jubilant 'rebels' take on a greenish area … Then the head of the rebel "Transitional Council" said that it was a "ruse."

For the Libyan intelligence cope with all of this was not under force. They did not know how to react. It was so exceptional situation that no one could find their way. Limited to the expulsion of several journalists … At one point, for example, Gaddafi met with the heads of the tribes in the hotel, which housed the press center. Americans hunt for Kaddaffi, so kill him — and here it appears in the press center, which is impossible to bombard because here in the full assembly all the "journalists". No one knew how Gaddafi came to the press center, as he went out. We decided that there is hidden passages and NIGHT MODE found the 1st of journalists "Washington Post" in the basement, where he barefooted, with ultrasonic device in the hands of trying to find an underground outlet through which Gaddafi gone. This guy sent …

All TV channels from NATO closely cooperated among themselves, while in Libya was only their own TV channel which Americans disconnected from the satellite, and the Libyans could not broadcast in foreign countries. Everything was drowned in an ocean of heresy. The Europeans really thought that there was a revolution in Libya that Gaddafi was killing people, and that military intervention — this is normal. They do not realize that it was the colonial expedition to the West vorachivaetsya to own colonial experience.

And now we litsezreem that the same methods, the same propaganda unfold on satellite channels against Syria. At the moment, Al-Jazeera special studio sets depicting the Abbasid and Umayyad Square in Damascus, in other words, they are prepared to repeat what they did in Libya …

In Libya, the people who collaborated with the NATO no idea what is in store. It was eventually killed more than 50 thousand people, more than 200 thousand injured, 2 million people became refugees. Can you imagine what would happen in Syria? […]

The Libyan experience is very important that the first storm provided Libya and Syria immediately. It did not work, but no one in the world did not defend Gaddafi — all believe what they say leading TV channels. In Libya in the midst of an attack on it were only the ambassadors of Venezuela, Cuba and Syria […].

France and England in November 2010 signed a contract stipulating the creation of a joint expeditionary force. The agreement is an application for joint military exercises with the indication of all the parts involved in them. The script for "Thought" is this: British forces have to fulfill the invasion of North Africa to rescue civilians subjected to repression by the despot. The document specifies that the military exercise will take place March 21, 2011 The English army stormed Libya on March 19. In other words, since November 2010, all knew exactly what was coming and was preparing for a war […].

But the roots go deeper. This war, as I have said, was planned in 2001 and was planned by the United States. The British and the French — only subcontractors. The same is intended to make the United States and Syria, but have not been able, for two reasons. In 1-x, it is necessary at the outset to concentrate on site a giant mass guns. In Libya, were able to take possession of a weapon arsenals, while in Syria it failed and had to send the instrument of NATO people through Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. In other words, do not have the ability to immediately apply a powerful, decisive blow. We litsezreem that militant groups move through the countryside of Syria, storm here and there, but do not inflict a decisive blow.

In-2-x, Libya was isolated, and Syria is a broad policy of alliances. It is a question not only about Iran and Russia. We litsezreem as the UN Security Council worked veto of Russia and China. In other words, while Syria was able to defend itself, but it is very fragile. After all, the Americans did not stop. Libyans incorrectly thought that would be able to protect themselves, but the world is on the other ….

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