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13.06.11.Zapadnym U.S. region faces severe flooding. As a result, summer melting of snow and glaciers in the mountains of the U.S. state of Utah many rivers may come from the coast in July. According to the most optimistic scenario, under threat of flooding at least thirty villages.

Unusually cold spring make mountains of Utah to say goodbye to their snow caps are much later than usual. Skiers and snowboarders are shining with happiness, but rescuers are preparing for natural disasters.

Emily Mönch, senior manager of Ski Snowbird Resort:
"Last year we finished the season in the second week of June, in the same plan to work until the beginning of August."

In late July — early August to begin the rapid melting of snow, and hundreds of thousands of tons of water rush down to the plains, the rivers and lakes that are sure to come out of its banks. Meteorologists say the problem does not remain within the boundaries of one state — a flood threat to several districts in the west.

Randy Dzhulander, Met Office, Utah:
"Nothing of the kind not seen before. The water level in the rivers of the region increased to a maximum of two thousand millimeters. Now, according to our forecasts, the situation threatens to spiral out of control. "

By some estimates, the melting of glaciers in Utah affect even California. Regional governments have recognized the scale of the upcoming events, and ordered a number of preparatory works — to calculate the location of dams and consider possible ways to drain precipitation.

Editor: Lu Yijing

Source: CNTV

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