There is a new portal dedicated to telecommunications and information technologies


In RuNet March 14 premiere of a new resource dedicated to telecommunications and information technologies. Portal TASS-Telecom can be found at or in the blast zone. "RF" — www.tass-telekom.rf.
The creators of the portal are positioning it as an industry communication platform, a working tool for industry professionals — representatives of government, business, scientific and expert community. But the promise that interested in this resource will be open to anyone who is interested in news of telecommunications and information technology.
The portal intends to accept the age-old tradition of quality information ITAR-TASS — agencies included the five world leaders for whom the reliability and efficiency are the main criteria work. TASS-Telecom relies on a network of correspondent of ITAR-TASS, which brings together more than a hundred Russian and foreign missions, including all of the world centers of science and technology.
On the new site will be continued the tradition tassovskoy information analysts. It publishes topical reviews and comments of specialists and experts, both Russian and foreign.
Today, the site published an interview with the Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Igor Shchegolev. He talks about the tasks of the newly established leaders of the domestic telecommunications market of the consortium for the development of fourth-generation networks, the possible evolution of roaming tariffs, the prospects fixed, the first months of the blast zone. "Of the Russian Federation."
Every month on the site is expected to publish the ratings agency prepared industrial companies and services, support of expert commentary and market participants. The first such rating is dedicated to the largest Russian companies in the sector of communication and information technologies.
It is not only the professionals will be useful reference section where you can find information about persons and organizations, telecommunications and information technology.

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