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The facts:
— Science affects the life of the society and its members.
— Foundation of science — the fundamental laws of nature.

Conventional wisdom:
Conservation laws — direct logical consequence of Newton's laws, and also objective as the last.

The facts:
— In the derivation of the conservation laws of Newton's laws, the assumption was made that unnecessarily
taken for granted. This assumption — pseudo, right screw — the direction of the angular momentum and energy.
— There is no evidence that shows the pseudo-objective properties of physical reality.
— Conclusions about the symmetry and uniformity of physical reality (space) made in connection with the belief in the laws of conservation.

— Pseudo — a mathematical method (reception), it does not show the objective properties of physical reality.
— Conservation laws do not follow the laws of Newton, their validity is not established.
— The symmetry and homogeneity of physical reality — not a fact.
— In pseudo-classical mechanics — curved path from Newton to the present state of the theory of physics, ailing illusions, dogmas and artificial restrictions. A substantial portion of modern scientific theories — the sorrow of mind.

It turns out that the conservation laws are not met in real life. Since it can be clearly seen in acrobatic spins when jumping into the water or on the trampoline, the astronauts in weightlessness. This means that, hanging over the water on the hands, you can, without swinging, breaking away from suspension, grouped to make the rotation. That is, change the momentum of its own due to internal forces. Especially, it is seen in the vertical jump on a trampoline gymnast when he starts to rotate at the top, at the time of the actual stopping of the body, when aerodynamics is clearly not working. Ability to change a person own angular momentum due to internal forces, it is a reality and not fundamentally dependent on the dynamics of the environment and the nature of the interaction with or support, suspension.

Not long before the flight of the Wright brothers, persecuted by his own father, the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it.
This did not prevent the collection of taxes and the learning process in bonds.

Who are the good people do not be crazy?
— Maybe those who were killed?

And, not satisfied the principal law, limiting the possibility of movement of man and machine — conservation of momentum. His replacement is a global …

Figure 1. — Schematic diagram of the device "without reference" dvizhetelya (alternative propulsion vehicles).

Frame 1 interacts with the same "bells" by the loop of thread that pulls the spring. The frame 1 consists of a cylinder rigidly connected to a common frame. "Dumbbell" consists of cylinders 2, 3, 4 rigidly connected with common terminal. Cylinders 4 pivotally interconnected by an additional pin. Rotational freedom "dumbbell" hinged relative to the rod that connects the cylinder 4, apparently limited only by the geometry of the thread. "Bells" and frame — solid non-deformable body. The yarn is flexible, "weightless" and non-extensible. The center of mass of each "dumbbell" is located in the cylinder 2. The center of mass of the frame and disposed on the axis of symmetry of the frame (system). The masses of the frame and "dumbbell" comparable with each other. Interaction "flat." The friction forces are absent. Until the spring all the bodies were buried. In this closed system of bodies as a result of the interaction, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Sir Newton vector addition, inevitably shifts the common center of mass of the system.
Thus, it * not stored total momentum bodies closed system. Accordingly, in general, is not saved and the total angular momentum and the total mechanical energy of a closed system (no friction). The total energy of a closed system may decrease as a result of interaction of the body, similar to the above (in the sense of not reserving separately the total amount of certain types of traffic, respectively) forming common closed system. In our example, does not preserve the total momentum of the interaction can be observed by moving the center of mass of the system away from the axis of symmetry.

To see this, imagine that the link (rod) between the 4-cylinder is missing, and the thread taut after a massive spring has already started to shrink. Then half of the spring having to apply a force to the bodies, the essential counter pulses will provide effects on the body by the type of elastic collision. In this ("static square") case, the determination of the total vector momentum of the system will be simple and straightforward.

Law: In a closed inertial bodies … amount saved
total momentum and angular momentum (new) pulse of all the bodies of the system.
More generally **: In a closed inertial … saved the sum of all movements, all kinds of it, for everything.
The angular momentum of the body in these statements (hereinafter everywhere — "New time") — this is the actual rotation of the center of mass of the body relative to the center of the rotation, the direction of which coincides with the direction was responsible for its strength. Hypothetical rotation about any points do not count as a real non-existent. Not considered as a centrally symmetric rotation around their center of mass is zero — is not aimed.
It should be clear that neither any need to select a "screw" (perpendicular to the force) direction for the moment it was not. And that is the direction or does not imply and does not follow from the known facts of physics, and then live with "crazy" messages easier. A careful analysis of the obvious facts, it is easy to verify the concept of relativity nonsense in science.
Figure 1: "boat" (frame) with "paddles" (dumbbells), motor (spring), propeller-driven (boat, loop yarn — geometry interactions) and water, the reaction of the support (weight 2). Cylinders 3, 4 — oarlocks and oar handle. During the rowing stroke, the momentum of support (water, etc.) exceeds the momentum narastayusche boats (addition of vectors in the figure). In practice, use of the total pulse is not maintaining a closed system — in this case need to move not in a boat, and (c) the bulk ends paddles (two cylinders), or "support" in which these ends will abut and slide on it, informed her pulse.
Weight boat fundamentally affects the absolute increment of the total momentum of the system. For zero mass boat with oars, their speed will be limited to the inertia of the support, which will, sliding, pushing, remote blade paddles. Engine and power can be taken from a boat on the blade and or "prop" as "force" energy (eg torque) can be transferred without tight coupling (Coupling). Naturally, the power (energy) can be outside the system.

The abolition of the laws of conservation of momentum and the moment … other than the correction of most formal scientific theories, is also interesting from the point of view of the economy and thus life — the joys and sorrows of each of the laity.
The implementation of the new law in society, technological revolution, entail the following about the relative changes in the conditions of life of the community:
— The speed of motor vehicles and the transportation costs will increase accordingly, and will decrease significantly.
— Most forms of transport will fly autonomously or by wire … The roads need a lot less.
— Energy intensity of the economy in general, consumption of materials of industrial facilities, such as
mechanisms and structures will be reduced.
— The influence of religion, science and art, high-tech industries and cultural activities, will continue to grow.
— Ecology as a whole will improve.
— Construction of heavy objects (such as buildings) reduce the price at times, thanks to the "artificial"
mechanical reduction of weight.
— "Cost of survival of the body," the inhabitants of large cities will fall.
— Macro and micro spaces nearer to the man quite.
— And so on and so forth
In general: psychology, priorities, modes of thought and life and moods (emotions) Earthlings will actively change. Humans appear relatively more free time for a more peaceful, healthier, more joyful and beautiful life.
How will implement new features?
Will a Love that is God in human life?

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Submitted by: Ilya Sukharev 06.04.2004

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