This week, we will fall to the strong magnetic storms



16.05.11.V coming days our planet offers strong magnetic storm — experts warn. The reason is that a couple of days ago, there was an explosion of a comet to the Sun. NASA officials yesterday released video that shows how the comet rams star.

— May 10 huge asteroid at breakneck speed around the sun went into space, — the report says. — On the way, he changed the trajectory due to the attraction of the sun and 11 May hit star. This led to a colossal explosion, followed by a strong release of solar energy. As a result, now the sun is in an unstable state.

Luckily, the brunt of the "release" was not directed at Earth, otherwise many of us would feel discomfort and headaches. But the threat is not passed the Earth — at any moment can happen another outbreak.

It should be noted that magnetic storms are dangerous especially for people suffering from hypertension and hypotension, heart disease. Approximately 70% of heart attacks, strokes and hypertension crises occurs during solar storms.

The fact that the oscillations of the magnetic field slows capillary blood flow, tissue oxygen deprivation occurs. There is irritability, fatigue, decreased mental and physical activity. Change capillary blood flow, and thus worsening skin nutrition. Women often report during magnetic storms, excessive swelling, poor complexion. By the way, in bad weather, when the air pressure is reduced and the oxygen level drops in the air, a magnetic storm is less well tolerated than the sun.


How to survive a magnetic storm

— It is best to limit the physical and emotional stress.

— Undesirable business trip with a long flight from north to south or from east to west, from winter to summer (and vice versa), and any violation of medically prophylactic and therapeutic procedures.

— best not to overeat, preferring lacto-vegetarian diet and lean meats and fish. In your diet, also turn a few bananas are rich in potassium, a lack of which is often a cause of cardiac arrhythmias

— on the day of a magnetic storm is not dramatically out of bed. Not to provoke a "gift" in the form of dizziness, or in extreme cases, unconsciousness.

— reduce the negative effects of magnetic storms help water treatment. Therefore, the "troubled" days often desirable to take a shower, or at least, just a wash.

— Fully protect against this, unfortunately, is impossible. But to make life easier for adverse period is still possible. There are many modern techniques to help survive the magnetic storms without dangerous consequences. From natural sedatives meteodependent people usually recommend to use Herbal Remedies. Help chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, mint, thyme, and motherwort, St. John's and rosehips.

Natalia Malkin

Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine

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