Three people were killed in landslides in the province. Jiangxi


10.06.11.Tri man / two women, one boy / killed in a landslide caused by heavy rains in the district Syushuy in northern Jiangxi Province / East China /.

Which began in the early morning today in the county Syushuy rainfall led to the landslide. As a result, there was some flooding in mountain areas, townships and villages. In many places there landslides, which killed three people.

According to preliminary calculations, a total of 280 thousand residents, more than 100 thousand mu / 1 hectare = 15 mu / farmland affected by the disaster, urgently evacuated 27 thousand people.

As a result of heavy rains and landslides have destroyed 1,152 homes, halted traffic on roads in 18 counties and cities, interrupted power supply in five administrative districts of the parish level.

Heavy rains in the north of Jiangxi started from Thursday evening. As of 8:00 today, the amount of rainfall in 16 counties exceeded 50 mm.

China Radio International

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