Thunderball — who or what is it?

Fireball — Quite a mysterious phenomenon of our world, for which there is still no clear answer. Like as it is a bundle of energy, and can spy probe alien or a visitor from a parallel world. But most importantly, what to do if you met her? Let's deal.

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The first mention of a fireball comes to us from the VI century Bishop Gregory of Tours wrote at the time of the appearance of the fireball during the consecration of the chapel. Since then, evidence has accumulated thousands of witnesses, but the phenomenon of ball lightning is still unexplained.

Thanks to the witnesses of the unusual phenomenon can make the average "portrait" ball lightning. Most often it is a sphere, but also talk about the pear-shaped, oval and Medusoid lightning. Its size, in most cases — from 5 to 30 inches, the "lifetime" is usually about 10 seconds, but occasionally — a minute, it moves at a speed of 0.5-1 meters per second. Color — usually red, orange or yellow, less often — blue, white, or blue.

In the space ball lightning can penetrate not only through an open window, door or chimney: sometimes it deformed, seeps into cracks between the planks or even through the glass, leaving no trace of it. The behavior of ball lightning is unpredictable. Sometimes it just disappears, and in other cases explodes, sometimes bringing significant damage.

As the lightning moves of Mystery

The behavior of ball lightning is unpredictable. They are phenomena that appear when they want, where they want and they do what they want. Thus, it was previously believed that the fireballs are produced only during storms and are always accompanied by the linear (normal) lightning. However, it gradually became clear that they could appear in a sunny clear day. It was believed that lightning like "attracted" to the places of high voltage to the magnetic field — the electric wires. But there were cases when they actually appeared in the middle of the field clean.

Fireballs inexplicably tricked out of electrical outlets in homes and "leak" through the smallest cracks in the walls and glass, becoming a "sausage", and then taking its normal shape. It does not leave any traces of melted. Ball lightning is quietly hanging in the same place a short distance from the ground, then rush off somewhere at a rate of 8.10 meters per second. Having met on the way a person or an animal, lightning can keep away from them and behave peacefully, are curious circling nearby, and can attack and burn or even kill, and then melt away, or as if nothing had happened, or burst with a terrible crash.

However, despite the frequent stories of injured or killed by ball lightning, the number of such cases when a fireball is relatively small — only 9 percent. Most often, lightning, circled over terrain disappears without causing any harm. When she came in the house, it is usually "leaks" back to the street and there only melts.

In addition, fixed a lot of unexplained cases where the fireballs "attached" to any particular place or person, and appear regularly. In this case, in relation to a person, they are divided into two types — those who attack him in his every appearance, and those that do not harm or attack people in the vicinity.

So what is this miracle?

Today, there are more than one hundred hypotheses claiming to explain the physical nature of ball lightning. However, neither one of them can not confirm with sufficient reliability. Exotic behavior of ball lightning gives space for wildest fantasies. Often found in the descriptions of witnesses related to lightning as a living being. It is believed that lightning is an analogue of a UFO or a creature from a parallel world with unfathomable reason and logic.

Ball lightning may direct interference — it is easy to identify, if not far from the route of its leisurely movement has included a radio or television receiver. There are cases when the observed fireball flies neatly in the path of the objects until it reaches a very specific one, and her well-known object.

The lifetime of ball lightning can range from a few seconds to a minute at the end of the existence of this phenomenon usually occurs explosion. Occasionally the fireball can break down into separate parts or just slowly fade away. In this case, the observer is usually in doubt, is it really that he saw a shining ball or just out of his mind. On the contrary, in case of explosion fireball typically are traces damage (e.g., melted subjects), proving the reality of vision.

I must say that synthesize a fireball so far failed. Nevertheless, the appearance of ball lightning was an explicit reference to other forms of atmospheric electricity (for example, a conventional lightning). Therefore, the researchers first tried to create a gas discharge (and the glow of the gas discharge — something known), then searched terms when luminous discharge could be in the form of a spherical body.

Scientific Background

Over the history of mankind has accumulated more than 10,000 certificates of meetings with "smart balls". However, until now, scientists can not boast of great achievements in the field of study of these objects. There is a mass of disparate theories about the origin and the "life" of ball lightning. From time to time in the lab turns out to create objects on the appearance and properties similar to ball lightning — plasmoids. However slender paintings and logical explanation for this phenomenon no one to give and could not.
The most well-known and developed before the other is the theory of Academician Kapitsa, which explains the appearance of ball lightning and some features of the emergence of short-wave electromagnetic oscillations in the space between the storm clouds and the earth's surface.

However, Kapitza was unable to explain the nature of the very short-wave oscillations. In addition, as mentioned above, ball lightning is not necessarily accompanied by the usual lightning can occur in clear weather. Nevertheless, most of the other theories are based on the findings of Academician Kapitsa.

Different from the theory of the Kapitza hypothesis was established by BM Smirnov, claiming that the core of ball lightning — it's cellular structure, which has a strong frame and low weight, the frame is made of plasma filaments.

However, the most interesting is the theory of the New Zealand chemists D. Abrahamson and D. Dinnisa. They found that when lightning strikes in soil containing silicates and organic carbon, formed a tangle of fibers of silicon and silicon carbide. These fibers are gradually oxidized and begin to glow. Thus was born the "fiery" ball, heated to 1200? 1400 ° C, which is slowly disappearing. But if the temperature exceeds the limit of lightning, then it explodes. Nevertheless, this unified theory does not confirm all the occurrences of lightning.
For mainstream science fireball on? Still remains a mystery. Maybe that's why there is so much about her pseudo-scientific theories, and many more inventions.

Alternative theories of ball lightning

Strange behavior allows many researchers of this phenomenon suggests that lightning "think." At least fireballs are considered instruments for research into our world. How high — energy beings who are also collected what? Then information about the planet and its inhabitants. An indirect confirmation of these theories may serve, and the fact that any collection of information — is working with energy.

This fact pushes and unusual properties of ball lightning — disappear in one place and reappear in another instantly. There are suggestions that the same fireball "dives" in a certain part of the space — a different dimension, living on other physical laws — and dropping the information appears again in our world in a new location. And the lightning action regarding living creatures on our planet too meaningful — they do not touch one to the other "touch", and some just pull pieces of flesh, like a genetic analysis.

Easy to explain the frequent occurrence of ball lightning during thunderstorms. During a burst of energy — electrical discharges — open portals from a parallel dimension, and in our world get them gather information about our world.

Recommendations: what to do when encountering a fireball?

The main rule when a fireball — whether in the house or on the street — do not panic and do not make any sudden movements. Will not run! Lightning is very susceptible to air turbulence that we create when running and other movements, and are pulling it behind him. Break away from the fireball can only by car, but not their own.

Try to gently turn from the path of lightning and stay away from her, but did not turn his back on her. If you are in the apartment — go to the window and open the window. With high probability zipper fly out.

And, of course, nothing ever throw a fireball! It can not just disappear, and explode like mine, then serious consequences (burns, trauma, and sometimes loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest) inevitable.

If it affects the human fireball victim should be moved to a dry room with fresh air, cover with a warm blanket, start CPR immediately and call an ambulance.

Technical means of protection against fireballs not yet been developed.

The only "sharomolnieotvod" was designed by the engineer of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering B. Ignatov. It is patented, but created such devices unit and the speech of their active life in the implementation does not go.


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