Times of India: Israel passed the U.S. in the supply of anti-tank India

Times of India: Israel passed the U.S. in the supply of anti-tank India

India, appear to give preference to Israeli anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) third generation Spike NLOS (manufacturer: RAFAEL), abandoning the U.S. missiles in the same class FGM-148 Javelin, reports Times of India.

Spike NLOS missiles equipped electrical guidance system that allows hidden hit targets at a distance of 25 km.

Refers to the contract by about 1 billion dollars.

Cause of failure of the American anti-tank, called sources in the Defense Ministry of India: Washington’s reluctance to provide New Delhi license to create these missiles after the original standard procurement.

Israel agrees to the conditions of India, which plans to put into service its own army 2,000 launchers and 24,000 third-generation ATGM until 2017.

Rocket antitank missile system «MILAN»
Currently, the Indian army uses ATGM Milan (creation of France-Germany) and «Competition» (Soviet-Russian production). Spike and Javelin, unlike them, are «smart» defense systems (in which implemented the principle of «shot — forgotten»).

If the contract is for the supply of Spike NLOS India will be concluded, it will be the third large supply programm Israeli missile weapons this country, which is considered one of the biggest buyers of guns in the world. Today, Israel is the second arms supplier to India after Russia. Also offensive missile weapons, Israel supplies to India drones, air defense systems and other tools — totaling about one billion dollars a year.

In October this year, the Israeli defense concern «Aviation Industry» (TAA) received from the Indian Defence Ministry order worth 958 million dollars. Under the agreement concern undertook to modify 150 Heron unmanned aircraft and Searcher, set Indian armed forces in the 90 years of the last century.

India’s intention to purchase Spike NLOS reported in March 2011. Then the Government of India Ministry of Defence allowed to sign a contract with the Israeli defense concern RAFAEL to supply large batch tank missiles Spike. Special permission has been granted due to the fact that Rafael was the only concern, applying for a role in the tender for equipping the Indian Army anti-tank missiles. But later intervened in the dispute Americans who, according to the publication Times of India, ultimately unable to compete with the Israelis.

Note that in the past year, Israel has signed an agreement to supply Spike NLOS South Korea. But the amount of the contract with Seoul was only 43 million dollars.

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