Titans atmosphere is unpredictable




Astronomers at the Paranal Observatory, Chile (Paranal Observatory) got the best images to date of Titan — Saturn's main moon.

They show objects that are likely to be in its thick clouds and misty atmosphere consisting of nitrogen, methane, and hydrocarbons. Note Titan — one of the largest moons in the solar system and the only one — with a powerful atmosphere.

At the same time orbiting Chandra X-ray telescope has received new data on Titan, watching it pass in front of the Crab nebula — the remains of an exploded star. X-ray survey say that the atmosphere of the moon a few more extended and denser than previously thought.

In January 2005, the unit must Huygens landing on Titan. Perhaps he will fall to the surface of methane or ethane oceans of the planet, there are probably some out there.

By the way, it was reported earlier that Titan may produce slow tsunami.

If Titan's atmosphere is truly a "richer" than read as previous estimates have to adjust the trajectory of Huygens.


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