TMT telescope will look beyond the 13 billion light-years


Tridtsatimetrovy Telescope (Thirty Meter Telescope, TMT) was under development for more than 10 years. For a long time, local residents by hook or by crook defended their land. It is now known that the project was approved by the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources.

The astronomical observatory with a 30-meter mirror segment will be located on the top of the mountain Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Mirror telescope consists of 492 segments, and its sensitivity to 9 times higher than the largest existing at the time of ground-based telescopes. Thus, images are made TMT at least three times clearer. Construction work will begin in 2014, and the telescope will be put into operation until 2021. The telescope will see far beyond the solar system and accurately see what is happening in the universe at a distance of 13 billion light-years from Earth. The cost of the telescope is about 1.3 billion dollars.

It is worth noting that at the time the telescope TMT, may not receive the title of the largest optical telescope in the world, because at the same time planning to launch European (extremely large) Telescope (E-ELT) with a 45-meter mirror segment in Chile.

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