To avoid starvation — China is buying up land in the world


28.03.11Zasuha in China may force up food prices and create a new economic crisis

Because of the worst drought in China will have to import large quantities of wheat, according to the American press. This will cause a rise in prices in the world. Although China meets its needs in the grain. PRC began to acquire land abroad for food security.

As long as people are holding their breath, watching the uprisings in the Arab world that threaten oil supplies, and the disaster in Japan, the world awaits a new disaster: drought in China could force up food prices and create a new economic crisis. With such a prediction was made by a former member of Congress, James Backus.

Similar forecasts put forward and some other American politicians.

Their argument is that due to the severe weather conditions, China will be forced to spend part of their foreign exchange reserves, at 2.85 trillion. dollars on imports of wheat, which exacerbate social tensions in developing countries. Indeed, as with the French Revolution of 1789, triggered by the Arab revolutions in 2011, partially served prices for bread.

"The situation is serious concern a few years ago. But in the last three years, crops were growing. Last year, the collection of food crops in terms of grain was about 480 million tons. So the anxiety subsided, "- said the deputy director of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Vladimir Portyakov.

True, for some items, such as soybeans, which are used in feed for livestock and production of oil, China does not provide your needs. So it imports twice as much of the product than I intended.

Another issue is that the pattern of consumption is changing, the Chinese consume less grain, the standard of living increases. That is good. On the other hand, when China's approach to patterns of consumption to one that now enjoys the "privileged billion population," the world may take up arms against China.

Assess the current food situation, which gave Portyakov, confirmed the statement of a prominent Chinese official — deputy head of the central leading group on rural work, Chen Xiwen. He said that the impact of drought on crop 'was not very serious ", the agency" Xinhua ".

However, since, with the growth of cities the size of agricultural land decreases, Beijing has a program of buying land abroad. According to Sui Fenfu, chairman of the largest agricultural companies in Heilongjiang province, for this purpose in 2005, China spent $ 38 million

In Venezuela and Zimbabwe, the company provides machinery and workers, and it takes over 20% of the crop. In Australia, the Chinese mainly buying land. In Brazil and Argentina, it is taken for rent. And in Russia, the company leases land to grow soybeans.

Commenting on the figures provided by Chinese businessmen, Portyakov stressed that China develops foreign resources for the development of their country. Russians letting of land benefits the Chinese people. For example, in Irkutsk before winter did not sell fresh vegetables. Now they have — because the Chinese grow them in greenhouses.

We rented the size of the Chinese sites is limited. They work in the Jewish Autonomous Region, Amur Region, Khabarovsk Territory. Tenants were from China and the Volgograd region.

"Of course, there are complaints that guests use nitrates in horticulture. The task of the authorities — to supervise the process. But we have so many fields abandoned. There is no reason to be afraid of the "Chinese invasion". Conversely, cooperation with China could help Russia raise livestock production ", — concluded Portyakov.

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