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One of my favorite methods of finding food while honing survival skills — what I call "food on the go." This simple but effective way requires a little extra energy on the part of surviving, in exchange for a generous and nutritious reward.


  • You are going from point A to point B, perhaps, seek help.
  • Seeking food should be right on your way, and take a minimum of time and effort to collect.
  • You do not deviate from the course for the prosecution if production suddenly slipped from your destination. In this way we eliminate the waste of precious time and energy.
  • Drop all your prejudices about food. Remember, insects and other reptiles are eaten every day by many cultures around the world. Do not compromise your survival due to ignorance.

The secret of successful survival on the go is to keep "sight" on readily available food, and no matter how small it is, or what species is (animals, insects or plants). Stick to your route and at every opportunity momentarily halted to collect food. This means that you will not spend much energy to find food during the journey. But making the necessary short break, you will be provided with food and can fill up the body with energy.


In a recent campaign, I decided to practice getting food on the move. The few kilometers that I went through the woods to the destination, I am constantly examining surrounding areas on my way in search of food (applying only the minimum of effort) for cooking in the pot.


Litter wood sorrel — the first edible food, which met on my way. This clover grows in cool, damp places. This is a great salad with lemon flavor. Of clover get delicious soup or soup. In such a diet low in calories, but it contains the essential vitamins and nutrients that support the forces in the body and promote healing.

In the short time I have collected about a quarter liter of wood sorrel and continued on his way. Such pauses while searching for food, were a welcome break, after which I continued to move with the tide of fresh forces. This is an important element of survival: short breaks give you the needed rest for a long distance.


The next dish on the menu was the usual slug, which was moving on wet stone. Very little effort goes into it, just to bend down and pick it up, it hardly slows down. Along the route, I noticed ten or twelve of these creatures, they all went into my food bins.

Everything edible that can run, fly and crawl I put in a container slightly napolennny water. This prevents the possibility of escape, when I open the lid to add someone else.


Continuing the movement I heard the annoying buzzing around my head. Two horsefly (zlatoglazik, deer flies) tried to eat me, but I caught them as they sat on my hand. Like most insects, flies — an excellent source of fat and protein. Despite the size of a large housefly I put them in a container with slugs. In a survival situation do not miss any food source. All of this will help you to live the next day.

If the stake is your life, you have to put aside any preconceived ideas about what you can and can not eat. People around the world eat insects as natural food. So what is stopping you? I think so, if you can eat clam (the worm in the shell, which is powered by sewage), so you can eat whatever you want.


Finally I came to a small open area of the forest. Making his way through the tall grass, dozens of large kuznechekov jumping to different sides of me. Some of these were the size of grasshoppers, almost, with my little finger. Catching them was pretty easy because of the cool weather, which made them somewhat sluggish.

Grasshoppers are a readily available source of protein and fat. I did a five-minute break and caught seven or eight grasshoppers.


Venturing into the woods to me more and more often come across an Indian cucumber. Indian cucumber is easily identified by the root starch, which is a cross between a cucumber and potato. This nutritious fruit is easily extracted with a small digging. Rooting takes a few seconds, if you use a pointed tool (such as an ax).

Pausing here and there, I gather up a dozen Indian cucumber roots. This will provide me with a handful of excellent food for survival are high in starch and low loss of time and energy for their harvest.


Jack black ants raised above the surface of the earth. It was obvious that the bear was here recently and the ants frantically rebuild its zhelische. Followed by a bear, I put in the socket end of the ax to collect angry ants and pupae in the water jug. Keep in mind that some species of ants have the ability to sting and bite, and can be extremely dangerous in large quantities. Despite this, all kinds of ants are edible.

Pine needles

Pine needles are high in vitamin C and other nutrients. Vitamin C is essential for survival as it is needed in the process of recovery of the body and healing. In a real survival situation you can also rip off the edible inner bark of pine trees. It will kill the tree, so unless absolutely necessary should not resort to this method. If you boil a crust, it will be a good food for survival.


Since I travel a long time, then I will need a fire for cooking, which I gathered. Cooking is an important aspect not only in terms of improving the taste of the product, but also for the prevention of various parasites and pathogens that may be present in the water, insects or dirt from the roots.

Toward the end of the trip, I came across a small stream. You can replenish water and use it for cooking. Of course, any unverified source of water should be free of harmful microorganisms, regardless of how clean it looks like.

Boiling — my favorite method of water treatment for drinking. This is the most effective way to neutralize pathogens.

Here's what I have accumulated in the pot:

  • 1/4 liter of petals of wood sorrel
  • 11 slugs
  • 2 horsefly
  • 8 large grasshoppers
  • 50 medium sized black ants and ant pupae
  • handful of Indian cucumber root
  • a handful of pine needles

Wood sorrel quickly boiled and became similar to spinach, but much tastier. Its aroma of lemon to make excellent gifts! A pot full of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins provided me with quite a tasty and nutritious food for just a few hours of walking on a specified route. And this is almost spent more time and energy.

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