Tornado in Philadelphia 18/05/11


19.05.11.Predstaviteli National Weather Service say that only a tornado sweeping in Philadelphia, is responsible for the destruction in the Nord-Ista, which occurred on Wednesday, reports CBS News.

Almost at the intersection polbloka Red Lion Road and Northeast Ave. was demolished strong storm vetrom.Na frames showing people working in small businesses located around who embrace after a happy escape.
Rick SIECA (Rick Ciecka made) do shipping Beer Hut, when it flew pieces roofs torn vetrom.On still did not know what started a tornado, but instinct pushed him to the great Truckee, in which he dove in the shelter. " My truck started shaking back and forth, I looked up and saw a cloud-helix that stretches out and was blown away! "
Witnesses saw a huge cloud descends to block meaningful as 9800 Northeast Ave. «I was in the back bedroom, the windows began to blow out the wind, and then I saw the roof flying," — said Jim Razler (Jim Razler), a resident of a small apartment, located on the second floor, above by the "beer" distributor.
The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado within 30 seconds of making his dastardly deed. The recorded wind speed ranged from 65 to 85 miles per hour — strong enough to "cripple" flat Jim and spread to a car repair R & R Car, which completely destroyed.
This is the first tornado in Philadelphia since 1999. Since 1950, there were seven people registered in the city.

In some areas of Montgomery County water level in the river rose strongly. Emergency crews were put on full alert and helps people okazavshimsyasya stranded in their cars.
One of them stuck on Bartram Road in Willow Grove, and two others pulled out of their cars on Blair Mill Road in Horsham.

Translation: Philadelphia News

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