Tornado in Uzhgorod


Uzhhorod on market Krasnodontsev tornado swept, no casualties but damage enough

14.06.11.Segodnya about 14 hours on the market Uzhhorod "Krasnodontsev" was a tornado. As reported by witnesses to the accident, the wind "disturbed some shops …

It is reported that a tornado had such power that a single product scattered in the surrounding fields. In particular, now, businesses in the surrounding fields are a product that they sell a children's pool, toys, jackets and more.

Tornado a few minutes passed, but left a lot of damage.

According to a witness, the private entrepreneur Vladimir morning weather was clear and no signs of trouble. Suddenly, he heard the cries of people calling to close shops.

— We ran out and saw that the wind twisted and lifted into the sky inflatable pools, paper, sun loungers and even pieces of slate. All this took to the sky and carried to nowhere. All lasted for 3-4 minutes. Next — was quiet and the sun shone again, — the eyewitness.

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