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"KP" starts the campaign: Our expedition will explore the most mysterious places of the country and neighboring countries

Dear readers! "Komsomolskaya Pravda" starts the project "white spots". Together with scientists from our correspondents go where, according to eyewitnesses, there are mysterious and inexplicable phenomenon. Today's collection is dedicated to "anomalous zoology." All of this — the possible addresses for future expeditions. But it is very important to know your opinion: where should go first? Write to us with a note on the envelope — "Project" White Spot "!

Here is what Andrew Perepelitsyn, chairman of the interregional public group to study the secrets and mysteries of the Earth "Labyrinth":

— The dossier, which we are more than fifteen years, there is evidence of the existence of dozens of unexplored, mysterious beasts and animals. On the island of Sardinia (Italy), for example, found in the nest of an owl bones of some animal, apparently an adult, but an unusually small size — mouse polmizintsa long. The find was considered an anomaly and long remembered for her only cryptozoologists, who always considered loony for their passion for puzzles. And then this Etruscan mouse caught. Weight of the animal — only half a gram! A living being contradicted generally accepted theory that mammals of this size, in principle, can not be. However, Etruscan mouse was not a myth. Unknown animal science found at the end of the twentieth century.

— It is easy to believe that small animals can not catch the eye of a scientist. But here's the larger animals …

— Fans now just eager for the expedition for "anomalous". But any animal, sensing the crowd with vodka, barbecue, music, bypass it for a few miles. The expedition should include professionals — biologists, zoologists, hunters, photographers, ready to lie for weeks in some swamp or a cave, knowing that you have only one chance in a million to see the mysterious animal. Perhaps it is we will be able to seize it …

Mysterious dragons in Crimea

Classic Soviet drama Vsevolod Ivanov, whom can hardly be suspected in the creation of cheap sensations, described in "The Snake" meeting with the mysterious creature as follows: "It was great, very large, m 25 — 30, and the thickness of the countertop desk if it turn sideways. It was half a meter under water meter and it seems to me, it was flat. The lower part was apparently tin and the upper — dark brown. "

At some point, the monster reared its head, and the writer saw that she was "like a snake", but — in the "size of the swing arms."

— The inhabitants of the steppe part of Crimea talk about leading a semi-aquatic lifestyle, "snakes", reaching a ten-lengths in Tartar monster called "ashdergilan" — "devouring a snake." Personally to me last year an elderly mechanic told about how his eyes Crimean "boa" chased the guy who became after a stutterer …

Underground monster in the Rostov region

Near the town of Aksai, Rostov region, to convince the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, lives a kind of murderous creature. In this area a lot of caves, where sometimes people disappear. According to an employee of the local Military History Museum Vyacheslav Zaporozhtseva, in the 50 years of the twentieth century in one of the failures of a group of missing soldiers. When they pulled out the bodies — the body below the waist were like stuffing. Perekushennoy half was even a metal box with a field telephone.

In Transnistria live giant pythons

— One day I came across a tourist guide on the Dniester River, released in the "Soviet Moldova" in 1970 — says Andrey Perepelitsyn. — The description is the legend of the giant snakes devouring sheep and humans. When we arrived there, it turned out that snakes are welcomed to this day. "Such a snake crawls through a wheat field — will leave the track. Previously, they said, one particularly large snake lived near — the whole sheep, calves dragged — explains starozhilka one of the Transnistrian villages. — Here is the tract, and is called — Snake Gully, that's where they are most often seen! "

Aborigines believe that these creatures are living on the left bank of the Dniester in an uninhabited forest belt with steep coastal terraces where many shallow gullies and caves.

Flying serpent near Nizhny Novgorod

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" has already written about these creatures (see "KP" on 18.02.03). We are told that the villagers near Nizhny Novgorod met mysterious snake with a crest on the head and able to leap great distances. It turns out here and visited expedition "Labyrinth" by A. Perepelytsina. They also collected information about the mysterious creatures.

Kornyshev Nicholas, who lives on a hill Veps:

— I was sailing on the lake, and right before the boat flew snake, dark, fifty centimeters long. She flew two hundred meters from shore to shore across the lake. In the afternoon it was. The end of August. No, not a duck — it flew right in front of the boat. And not with a whistle or noise, and with such a … hum, I guess.

Tula Nessie

His contribution to cryptozoology made another one of our classic — Michael Prishvin. In the story "Krutoyarsky beast", he talks about a mysterious monster that lives in the lake structure of precipice in the Tula region.

"No one had seen it, but everyone knows that his lips veal. No one had heard of, but everyone knows that he calls the black vote. And his voice was fatal. "

In 1999, these places visited Tula local historian — ethnographer Vitaly Yegorov. By Cryptozoology He has nothing, but still recorded the story of one local resident: "The lake is an animal, it was splashing and screaming in the night." By the way, none bigger than the boar is officially here have not seen.

Karelian devils

In 1967 arheoologicheskaya expedition stumbled upon a pyramid built of huge stones with the edge of the bed 10 meters. Who built it, is unknown. But locals are legends about the mysterious creatures — lemboyah. Aborigines believe that the permanent "residences" they are two hills in a remote unpopulated area — Dear me-mountain and Mian Mountain.

In the XIX century ethnographer EV Barsovo ("Northern Tales of lemboyah and udelnitsah." Proceedings of the ethnographic department of the RGS M. 1874.) The peasants were told that it was on these hills with devils "villages and cities with Pereselkov with prigorodkami."

Dwarves or hobbits in the Urals

In 1973, the Nenets writer Vasily Ledkov in the story "The blue in the Atu" wrote about the underground inhabitants of the Ural Mountains as follows: "They lived in a cave, in caves and hunting out only at night, secretly using the gear day, these people — the Nenets people."

In the Urals, still have legends about the "gnomes" who built the underground cities. "Divya's people live in the Ural Mountains, the outputs are in the world through the caves … They are small in stature, very beautiful and with a pleasant voice, but could only hear their favorites. They go out and foreshadow people different events. " (NE Onuchko. Ural folklore of "Fairytale Commission in 1927.")

In existence of an underground civilization quite difficult to believe. But when we came in 2001 in the Sverdlovsk region, where there are these legends, the mountain White found many of the same caves, climb into that might just five year old child. No one ever, these moves are not investigated.

Crocodiles in Perm …

Chud on the famous plaques and miniatures of the Copper Age, which can be found in any museum of the Southern Urals, often depicted like creatures crocodiles, only with a disproportionately large head. Cryptozoologist Maya Bykov in one of the expeditions recorded story Permian, who reported a similar "monster": "It is as if attached to a small varanchiku cow's head." Bastard was not very large, with two feet, but the high-spirited, even tried to bite through eyewitness rubber boots. (Bykov. "Chudozavry." Goodwill Press, 1984)

…and hippos near Chelyabinsk

The magazine "Fishing and hunting" in 1987, the famous biologist Professor Nikolai Vereshchagin mentioned about the visitor of the Zoological Institute, came from Chelyabinsk, who argued that in the lakes of the right bank of the Irtysh lives whether hippo, or a walrus … The aforementioned Maya Bykov also recorded many reports of Aboriginal how to boats emerges dark brown beast splashes otfyrkivalsya and again goes under the water …

Mammoths are not extinct!

The famous Belgian zoologist Dr. Bernard Eyvelmans in the book "In the wake of unknown animals," writes: "Two Russian hunter in 1920 met the traces of a huge animal. The area between the Ob and Yenisei. Oval in shape, 60 — 70 centimeters in length. The front legs of the animal is put at a distance of four meters from the rear. Hunter went on the trail and a few days chase overtook two monsters, which is being watched from a distance of about 300 meters. Hunters have distinguished white curved tusks, long brown hair. "

Source of information Eyvelmansa Perepelitsyn unknown, but it is unlikely he made it all up — the zoologist's reputation scrupulous in matters of scientific ethics scholar. There are other posts. For example, in 1978 the tributary Indigirka (Yakutia) gang zolotostarateley about half an hour watching a herd of mammoths on watering.


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Dmitry POLUKHIN April 8, 2004

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