Transcarpathia attacked the thunder and lightning ball


Effects of Hurricane promptly eliminated in Irshava district

11.07.11.V night from 10 to 11 July to the territory of Transcarpathian region were thunderstorms.

Strong gusts of wind, which was accompanied by precipitation, broke trees in settlements Uzhgorod, Irshava, and Vynohradiv Svaljavsky districts of Transcarpathia.

A rescue from the regional center had to go seven times in the shaping of trees to clear the roadway.
Also, due to bad weather from electricity were cut off 36 telephone exchanges and 92 transformer substations.

As of seven o'clock in the region, there were 12 settlements completely disconnected from the power supply and 11 partially. It's about communities Uzhgorod (6), Mukachevo (9), Irshava (2), Beregovsky (2), Vynohradiv (2), Hust (1) and Svaljavsky (8) regions.

Yesterday, July 10, on the night of Sunday to Monday Irshava district in Transcarpathia was in the zone of influence a hurricane, and the streets Hust fireballs staged a "dance" …
Was de-energized two settlements and felled some trees that impeded the movement of vehicles.
A few hours workers distribution zones restore electricity in the villages, experts Irshava mountain search and rescue points and Fire and Rescue Service MOE eliminated tree debris on the track Mukachevo — Rohatyn between the villages of District — Boating.
In the agricultural sector, according to preliminary data area nailed to the ground and hail damaged corn on at least 30 acres in three farms and the population.

Also yesterday afternoon? Transcarpathia has established this tropical heat, in many places of the thermometer showed about 35 degrees. By evening, the area "attacked" a tropical storm, strong gusty winds, Transcarpathia "attack" thunder and lightning.
Witnessed a unique phenomenon began, some residents of a small town Hust. As many as three fireballs staged a "dance" on the central square of the city. According to witnesses of this phenomenon, as if they were playing with each other, creating a different kind of "pirouette." This "show" lasted about two minutes, then fireballs flew apart.


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