Trees put a limit




How high can a tree grow? It seems to be a clear answer to this question can not be, but the researchers working in the California Redwoods forest, established theoretical height limit — it is 130 meters (a 35-storey building). Intrepid scientists from the University of Northern Arizona climb the highest trees in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, to find out what life is like at the very top branches. They found that despite the high humidity of the ground far below, the leaves on the top branches difficult to obtain the necessary moisture, living in a permanent drought. It is difficult to obtain water at some point begin to limit the growth of the tree.

• The tallest tree in the world at 15 meters above the Statue of Liberty

For California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) the effect of gravity and the friction between the water and the vessels through which it flows, resulting in that a fluid can not be raised higher than 122-130 meters. Given the mild climate and fertile soil of northern California, these figures are likely to mean the limit for all the trees in the world. And even the tallest trees of Humboldt Park do not reach this maximum. The tallest tree in the world has a height of "only" 112.7 meters. However, this sequoia almost two thousand years, so that its growth could affect the ancient droughts and other natural disasters.

In addition to the lack of water, the upper branches at a height suffer from stronger winds


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