Tremors in the Astrakhan region continues


3.05.12.Razlichnye natural disasters on our planet every year take away hundreds of thousands of lives, but is it a natural disaster, but not by human carelessness and mistakes.

Most recently, I touched on the subject of that in Astrakhan frequent tremors. And where in our Caspian lowlands such displays of seismic activity? Yesterday, the repeated shocks. In all, I counted seven of their pieces at intervals less than a minute and the duration of 0.5-1 sec. Earthquake? No, that interval and the number of them simply can not be in nature. Especially in our area. Echoes of the earthquake in another place? This is how it should babahnut, that this wave has reached us. Last time, the city administration has announced that it has come from the Persian area wave. And I want to say is in plain text: Well what you are s **. In the entire history of the Astrakhan region was one earthquake! And now they are in the last few months, more than 30, something does not add up.

Like last time, no official comment from the Emergencies Ministry and other bodies in the moment. But if you have to think logically, that is 90% to blame bombings Astrakhan gas processing plant. Aftershocks continue, and will continue for as long as the Astrakhan gas storage facilities are needed to Gazprom.

In turn, Gazprom is also silent, nor any statement is nowhere. But at one point, someone can not wake up after such shocks in the evening. And no one to fight, and will not find out why the shakes, especially. Personally, I get scared with such shocks, knowing that those who build and how to build our homes, where most of the population. This is how you go to bed or thinking of nothing, and you shake that do not understand, buy a tent and live near the house? This, of course, is not serious!

It is a pity that in our country, human life set at naught in the first place has always pursued selfish ends and it's in all the structures of the country, regardless of the institution. Whether, the school, kindergarten, trade, production, etc., all employees are persecuted selfish purpose. And I thought the other day: Who blame for this? State government? Probably not, the reason we are ordinary people who are mired in all this is not going to get out of it! And millions of examples of this. We have ceased to respect each other, but if the citizens are not going to improve the situation of the city and the country, then why is the power? They are only on hand. We expensive petrol, gas — although we do make it! Machines for the worst and 25-30 years we have only appears Automatic transmission. Our domestic flights in the country are among the most expensive. Easier for us to go abroad on holiday, rather than in the Krasnodar region. And the cause is not a state, and the power, and we are. Let those live together and respect each other! This is way up from the pit in which we have got!

PS When the power of love exceeds the love of power, there will be peace on earth!

Wrote:  Yuri Ershov


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