Tropical storm Irene in Puerto Rico. Video


22.08.11.Tropichesky storm "Irene", which formed over the weekend in the Atlantic, has become a powerful hurricane, according to CNN.
He raced along the coast of Puerto Rico and moved to the west and north-west towards the Dominican Republic, the central Bahamas and the northern coast of Haiti. In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have already canceled classes in schools and stopped the work of state institutions and the ferries.

"Work" reports that the typhoon will reach the territory of the U.S. state of Florida by the middle of the week. According to "News of America," it will happen on Thursday. As noted by the U.S. National Center for monitoring hurricanes, is the ninth typhoon of the season. Maximum speed "Irene" in the epicenter was 85 km / h

Earlier it was reported that two workers involved in the construction of the bridge to the Russian island, were killed in the storm, which broke out last night over Vladivostok. Another construction worker was injured.

According to the coastal media, the incident occurred at 23:00 local time (16:20 GMT). It is reported that the storm blew the bridge metallic thermal cover, which at that time were three workers. Two of them died after falling from a height of 60 meters, one person received multiple fractures, but survived.

The department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Territory told the mass shelter is 100 tons, but the wind speed of at least 38 meters per second, tore it from being built bridge across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

Source:, AssociatedPress

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