Tungurahua volcano again showing signs of increasing activity


18.05.11.Posle weeks of relative respite from 22:30 Monday Volcano Tungurahua, one of the largest active volcanoes in Ecuador, once again showing signs of increasing activity, the discharge column of ash and incandescent material that scatters from the crater apart and falls away up to 800 meters on the slopes of the mountain.

According to Daniel Andrade, volcanologist monitoring station Guadalupe Geophysical Institute (IG) in Pelileo, this new surge of activity was expected in view of the accumulation of the energy detected in the crater of the volcano. A few days volcano seemed to be asleep, but it was only an apparent calm, since the instrument recorded the accumulation of magma and volcanologists are waiting to start an active process at any time. This was followed, said Andrade, adding that based on the observed activity and the monitoring data may predict the likelihood of a high proportion of the eruption, similar to the registered in July — August 2006.

Version Andrade confirmed report management IG, which highlights the presence of the column above the crater constant steam of ash from moderate to high, up to 3 km from the summit of the volcano, which forms a cloud attributable under the influence of winds to the east, north and north-east. This activity, as indicated in the report, accompanied by the release of the crater of hot material in the form of blocks that are falling a distance of 200 to 500 meters on the slopes of the volcano. Auditory, yesterday at dawn in the depths of the volcano was observed roar of high intensity and cannon, which is well heard in the nearby villages.

Rodrigo Ruiz, officer observation post sector Pillate (Cotalo), reported that, starting from 01:00 yesterday could be seen as the release of pyroclastic jets in moderation. Ruiz added that reactivation causing increased concern of local residents, who do not know what will happen in the coming days. Yesterday it was reported as a moderate ash fall during the day in Rio Negro, near the resort town of Banos Province Tungurahua. Due to the lack of rains in the area dynnom no danger debris avalanches and rock falls in the canyons.

Tungurahua volcano is located in the heart of the Andes, 130 km from the capital of Ecuador, its height over 5000 meters above sea level. In a state of permanent activity with short periods of rest this Ecuadorian colossus is from 1999.

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