Turkey production in Russia is growing rapidly

According to market research turkey conducted as part of the business plan development business raising turkeys, turkey meat production in Russia in 2012 increased by 27%. The positive trend is repeated for several consecutive years.


Demand for poultry meat in Russia, the CIS and the world is quite high and has a strong tendency to increase.

Turkey meat products belong to the dietary combination because high and low calorie nutrition, fat and cholesterol and it is much smaller than even the chicken. In addition, turkey production has sufficiently high profitability.

The main region of the producer of turkey meat in Russia is the Rostov region. Here in agricultural organization holds much of the livestock — about 39%, which provides the largest company in growing turkeys in Russia — LLC "Evrodon."

It is expected that in the coming years, the amount of turkey meat production will also increase, and by 2015 it could reach the figure of 100-120 thousand tons in carcass weight.

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