U.S. Air Force base was struck by lightning. Video


9.06.11.Neobychny incident occurred at the U.S. Air Force base. In elektrovyshku its territory was struck by lightning. There postradavshie.Kak reported Associated Press, the incident occurred at a military base "Camp Shelby", which is located near the g.Hattisberga (Mississippi). 77 people were hospitalized. All of them — the reservists who took part in the two-week military training camp.

According to the base command, no one died, the state of all of the affected stable. Sending such a large number of people in the hospital due to the desire to once again play it safe and find out whether the incident did not affect health.

"Camp Shelby" — the largest military training in the U.S.. There are training thousands of members of the armed forces and the National Guard, the U.S. annually, including for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In "Camp Shelby" is also the largest U.S. recruiting station, which will be used in the event of an attack on its territory.


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