U.S. anti-missile system upgrade Japanese Aegis

U.S. anti-missile system upgrade Japanese Aegis

Pentagon Mon December 10, notified the U.S. Congress of the intention to put the Land of the Rising Sun modernization packages antimissile systems Aegis, were armed with 2-Japanese destroyers like «Atago». As reported by Reuters, the likely price of the contract is 421 million dollars.
Now Congress has 30 days in which to block the deal. In general, as the agency is likely to modernize Japanese missile defense systems approve.

Contractor for the modernization of the complexes «Aegis» will be their developer — the company Lockheed Martin. As expected, the complex will be equipped with new radars, monitors, and more massive sensors and instruments.

Aegis radars capable of detecting complex immediately to 200-300 goals and 18 more of them unsafe to fire anti-aircraft missiles. On the arms of the rising sun defense complexes, among other, are used to control the air space in the event of a missile launch by North Korea.

Also destroyers like «Atago» (Ships «Atago» and «ashigaru») Aegis systems are armed with four Japanese destroyers like «Congo», built by an American destroyer type «Arleigh Burke». Complexes are armed with rocket family SM (Standard Missile), including the SM-2 and SM-3.

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