U.S. Army began to develop this suit, «Iron Man»

U.S. Army began to develop this suit,
Development, which the story of the movie «Iron Man», became one step closer to reality thanks to the United States military. The U.S. Army has ordered the development bronekostyumy TALOS, who will be able to give their own carrier superhuman capabilities, such as night vision, phenomenal strength and invulnerability to guns.

Each suit will have an integrated computer that can simultaneously react to certain situations and deliver to the owner’s own extensive information about its surroundings. According to a military press release, the suit will be able to use the watery armor, which is the real point is in development at MIT, the ability to transform «from watery to solid state within milliseconds under the influence of a magnetic field or electron current.» Its aim is full body armor, at a theoretical level allows the wearer virtually «go through a barrage of bullets.» The control panel is a suit able to respond to internal body temperature, skin temperature, pulse and blood oxygen. Suit will provide basic life support own carrier — heat, air and oxygen.

U.S. Army — not the first who learned inspiration in the movie «Iron Man.» Elon Musk made advanced laboratory-based technologies shown in the film, which uses a controller Leap Motion, Oculus Rift and the projector. And although he admits that the system does not yet have a special practical implementation, it is certain that we are on the threshold of major breakthroughs in design and production systems. And if the new army special suit will show his best side, it will be a huge step forward for all security technologies.

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