U.S.: Mars rocks found unusual composition




The American Opportunity device discovered on Mars is very unusual rocks, its composition significantly different from all other previously analyzed on the Red Planet rock formations. Volcanic stone called Bounce Rock ("stone rebound"), as it is about the Mars rover Opportunity has hit hard landing.

As the analysis of Bounce Rock, conducted by the onboard spectrometer Opportunity, the main component of a boulder the size of a soccer ball is a mineral pyroxene. Such a high percentage of this mineral could not be found in any of the nearby rocks. However, the orbital telescopes allow fast enough to establish the origin of "stone rebound": probably the boulder was knocked out of the rocks of Mars asteroid or meteorite that fell to the Red Planet, 50 kilometers southwest of the rover's landing site and the Abandoning a crater about 25 kilometers .

In general, the composition of Bounce Rock closely resembles the composition of several dozen meteorites found on Earth, which is believed to have a Martian origin. In particular, the study found in 1865 in India and 1979 in the Antarctic meteorite fragments showed that the prisoner inside them in bubbles gas composition similar to the composition of the atmosphere of the Red Planet. It is assumed that these "martian" rocks like Bounce Rock, were driven from the surface of Mars, asteroids, and then, by chance, were on Earth.

Battery News, 20/04/2004 15:23
Source: Kompyulenta

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