U.S. to allocate additional funds for an Israeli missile defense system «Iron Dome»

U.S. to allocate additional funds for an Israeli missile defense system

The United States plans to allocate additional funds to improve Israel’s missile defense system «metal dome», which allows to intercept ballistic missiles launched by Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip. This was announced on Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, speaking at a press conference at the Pentagon after talks with Israeli officer Ehud Barak arrived in Washington.
Panetta said that in fiscal year 2012, appropriated to the program from the U.S. «Metal Dome» 275 million bucks. «We continue to work together to achieve the allocation of additional funds that will allow Israel to expand the ability to» steel dome «, — he said, noting that during the armed conflict between nedavneshnego Israel and Hamas, the system» has proved just awesome » .
With it destroyed more than 400 rockets launched from the Gaza Strip. This is approximately 85 percent of all rockets fired at «Human Fri Israel» nedavneshnego during conflict, said Panetta. In turn, Barak said that in the period from 14 to 21 November, Palestinian militants fired at Israeli settlements and the desert area in the general difficulty about 1.5 thousand missiles. According to him, only 55 of them fell in populated areas.
Israeli Defense Minister also said that the «Metal Dome» significantly changed «the course of the recent conflict» with the Palestinians, as has permitted rapid and excellent response to the rocket attacks and save many lives. At the same time, he stressed that the missile defense system requests the expansion and improvement, as the threat from Hamas persists.
In addition, Barak said that Israel has recently made a successful first test missile complex «Slingshot David», which is designed for the destruction of intermediate-range missiles and to become the second echelon of the state defense system. He also said Israel’s willingness to share this technology with the United States.
In a symbol of strengthening cooperation between countries with 2 missile defense ministers exchanged gifts. Barak gave Panetta layout interceptor missile, and the head of the Pentagon in response to transfer ownership guest pictures of them together on the background of the complex defense system «metal dome» in Israel.

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